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The Whole Soul: Rescripting Your Life For Personal Transformation

04 Jun

When you think differently, you believe differently. When you believe differently, you live differently. There is no secret formula, no magic pill, no classified information standing between you and a better, more productive more fulfilled life. You already possess everything you need–you just need to understand how to recognize it, activate it, and begin possessing […]

Bringing Wholeness

01 Oct

A broken heart is a closed heart. When our hearts our broken and closed, we don’t see very well. We don’t see other people’s needs. We shut ourselves down and protect ourselves. When we stay broken, we defile the people we serve. So they really get cheated. During this webinar, Vivienne will discuss symptoms of […]

Accepted and Free

14 Jan

In 2007, Linda Zobel was a “Christian”, but not living any kind of abundance. She had tried literally every diet and lost hope. At 245 pounds, she was in emotional and physical pain. She had to literally crawl around the house from heel spurs in her feet. She had undiagnosed diabetes. She thought gastric bypass […]