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We know people appreciate having advance notice to plan, register for, and join life-changing webinars they are interested in.

Therefore, starting in mid October 2021, we plan to make our upcoming webinar schedule available online here. So please check back soon.

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In contrast to most webinars, ours are intentionally designed to create real transformation by integrating inspiration, application, activation, and impartation.

We offer both free webinars and paid online classes. To view one of our recent free webinars, please see the “Recent Free Webinars” section or else click on Blog.


Featured Webinars

Buck Jacobs

The Most Important Hour

with Buck Jacobs

Dr. Francis Myles

The Order of Melchizez

with Dr. Franics Myles

Dr. Sandie Freed

Dethroning Jezebel

with Dr. Sandie Freed

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Webinbar Hosting

We are the global leader for life-changing webinars. Since 2007, we have hosted thousands of successful live broadcasts and built a thriving online community. If you have a life-giving message and need help sharing it, then contact us.

Turnkey Online Class Launches

Many people have important stories and messages stirring within them, but they don’t have an outlet or community to share with. We are masters at creating, marketing, and delivering outstanding online training.

Community Building

People are desperate for safe, loving, trusting community. We are building the world’s premier online training center and community to empower the God-given dreams of millions of people globally. That’s what makes us unique. 

Premier Digital Marketing

Marketing online can be extremely complex OR simple if you have the right organization advising and guiding you. We believe whoever offers you counsel should have a track record of experience and success in relationship building.

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We are empowering, equipping, and strategically connecting people around the world through coaching, journaling, and life-changing webinars. 

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90% of life is showing up at the right place at the right time for the right reason. If you are hungry to grow closer to God and make a bigger difference in other people’s lives, then our community is right for you.

Upcoming Events

Oct 19 - Love Your Enemy

1-2:30 pm Eastern: Guest speaker is Marcus Young

Nov 29 - Dec 1 - Hanukkah AWakening

Awakening the Nations to Their Destiny
3 Days of Extraordinary Revelation, Impartation, Activation, and Worship

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Recent Free Webinars

Why is it so hard to forgive?

Craig Hill

Oct 5, 2021
Why is it so hard to forgive?

Order of Melchizedek

Dr. Francis Myles

Sep 21, 2021
Your Role in Transforming Culture Through the Order of Melchizedek

Your Invitation to a Lifestyle of God Encounters: Understanding Supernatural Experiences

Dr. James Goll

Sep 8, 2021
Your Invitation to a Lifestyle of God Encounters: Understanding Supernatural Experiences

Breaking the Demonic Strongholds of Jezebel, Athaliah, and Delilah with Sandie Freed

Dr. Sandie Freed

Aug 25, 2021
Breaking the Demonic Strongholds of Jezebel, Athaliah, and Delilah

Tongues: Your Key to Walking in the Power of God

Donald Lee

Aug 17, 2021
Tongues: Your Key to Walking in the Power of God

7 Myths People Believe about Finances

Craig Hill

Jul 29, 2021
7 Myths People Believe about Finances


Dr. Francis Myles, Francis Myles Interational

Beverley Watkins, Global Impact

Iain Sanders (New Zealand)

Composite testimonies, Legacy Dream Teams

Create a Culture of Blessing

Adopt a Family to Pray for

The Law of Sowing and Reaping

Whatever you want more of, give it away. If you want more prayer for your family, then adopt another family to pray for. If you want more miracles in your life, then be a miracle to someeone else. If you need a financial breakthrough, then sow financially into someone’s life. 

How to Find the Right Family

God loves it when we ask Him questions, especially when we right down the questions and the answers we sense He is giving  So let’s put that principle to practice. Father, what family do you desire I adopt to pray for?