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Help, I’m Stuck

23 May

On your path to pursuing your God-given dream, have you ever reached a point of feeling stuck? You had the destination in mind and you thought you were clear in your pursuit; however something happened that caused you to feel unclear about your forward movement. Most, if not all dreamers will reach this place at […]

Overcoming Procrastination

03 May

Hesitating to take definitive action hurts you and keep others from experiencing more blessings in their lives. While all of us struggle with procrastination to some degree, few people are able to overcome this bad habit on a consistent basis to achieve their goals and live their big dreams. Learning to focus, take action, and […]

Obtaining God’s Favor

03 May

If you have a destiny to fulfill, prophecies you want to see realized, a calling that is beckoning you, or a vision or assignment that only you can complete, then you WANT the favor of the Lord! The solution to move faster or move in a new direction is to learn a new way! Whether […]

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