Force Multipliers of the Kingdom – Replay

A force multiplier is something that gives you an overwhelming ability to come against something bigger than you. It increases your striking power without requiring additional support. There are force multipliers in the Kingdom that allow us to multiply our force in the spirit realm. During this broadcast, Bill will unpack what these “Force Multipliers” are and how to begin deploying them in your life so you can see the Lord move more powerfully not only in your life but also to push back the darkness and take dominion in the earth so that the final harvest can be reaped.

The God Story in Ferguson, Missouri

People are being won to Christ through a very simple tool—friendship—real and authentic friendship shown by people who show up every weekend to show themselves friendly for the cause of Christ, to show the love of Jesus in practical ways.
God is using people like Pastor Jose to reach people in Ferguson who had been hurt by the Church. Frankly, they weren’t interested in what the Church had to say. They had heard enough, and they weren’t about to darken the doors of a church with their presence. So, God’s presence went after them and it is making a difference.

Book Writing Secrets with Jennifer LeClaire

Has the Lord been prompting you to finally write your book? Do you need help getting it out? If so, Jennifer LeClaire can help you. No matter what stage you are in writing your book, come learn from Jennifer as she shares book writing, publishing, and marketing secrets.

Accelerating A World-Wide Discipleship Movement

We have entered the Kingdom Age. In Matthew’s gospel alone, Jesus speaks 24 times about the kingdom of God and in all four gospels together only twice about the church. The kingdom is the original message of Jesus and the first church. We are rediscovering God’s original blueprints. It’s exciting to see more and more people around the world being church in their homes – both as a house church and as simple, extended kingdom families. God is in the business of establishing apostolic hubs all over the world.

Find Your Whistle: Simple Gifts Touch Hearts and Change Lives

In the midst of the routine and ordinary – that is where the simple thrives. The concept of Finding Your Whistle is so powerful because it puts aside the quest for or reliance on heroic achievement, and gives license to us mere mortals to find and develop our simple gifts, our whistles, and then share them with the people in our lives, friends and strangers alike.

Empowering Dreams
Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come