Speaker: Mickey Robinson
Facilitator: Joseph Peck
Date: March 17th, 2022, Noon Eastern

We are living in days where fear is the currency of the airwaves. From the lead news story to social media to the latest conspiracy theory, everywhere you turn the predominant message is fear, uncertainty, and lack of trust.
This isn’t just an area that requires discernment. It’s an indication of a realm of spiritual warfare being unleashed in the earth that requires wisdom AND a renewed emphasis on the Word of God.
When everything is changing and nothing is certain or even as it appears, there is a tremendous importance in knowing the Word of God – personally knowing it, hearing it through preaching, teaching, and grabbing hold of it in present truth exhortations.
The collateral damage of the intense season of trauma and spiritual warfare has been in the area of emotional and mental health. But there is an antidote!
Mickey Robinson has a powerful NOW word from the Lord regarding “Grabbing Hold of Present Truth”.
Mickey says the biggest catalyst for transformation (locally and globally) is people loving God more and loving each other more. It is the presence of the LOVE of God that changes everything.

In this session, you will learn about:

  • What is God doing now!
  • What is the greatest thing people need right now.
  • What our response needs to be at the present truth.
  • The most important key during this time.

Mickey Robinson and his wife Barbara are the founders of Prophetic Destiny International. Mickey’s miraculous recovery from a catastrophic airplane crash after a “death’s door” experience led to a powerful spiritual awakening in his life. Since then, he has traveled internationally, bringing hope, encouragement, and God’s supernatural power to heal and overcome all manner of adversity. Mickey has been a pastor and teacher, ministering in prophetic, worship, and healing conferences all around the world. He is the author of the books Falling into Heaven, The Prophetic Made Personal, and Supernatural Courage. Mickey and Barbara have four children and seven grandchildren, and they live in the beautiful hills of Franklin, TN

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