3 Simple Habits to Bear Much Fruit

09 Feb

Title: 3 Simple Habits to Bear Much Fruit
Speaker: Dr. Joseph Peck
Panelists: None
Date: Tuesday, February 9, 2016
Time: 4 pm Eastern Time (New York)
Duration: 110 minutes



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It is time to trade a life of mediocrity for a life of significance!

John 15:7-8 – “If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you. By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit;”

One of the most important lessons I have learned in my life is “Good habits are the key to all success!

But what are a few simple habits you can do that by doing them everything else will be easier of unnecessary?

In his book “Secrets of the Vine”, Dr. Bruce Wilkinson reveals how he overcame severe burnout and learned to live in God’s Presence. After a big wakeup call from God, Bruce made the commitment to apply 3 simple habits that revolutionized his life and ministry forever.

Bruce writes “The pleasures of abiding and the extraordinary benefits have redefined the scope and impact of God’s work through me. I see fruit everywhere I turn. Yet not even one grape is a result of working harder.”

This webinar is for you if you are …

  • Tired of spinning your wheels and seemingly getting nowhere
  • Struggling to maintain your joy
  • Close to giving up on your Big Dream
  • Frustrated with key relationships
  • Simply want to hear God more clearly

During this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Secrets of the Vine
  • Co-Laboring and Co-Creating with God
  • How To Have A Fruitful Devotional Time With Jesus
  • My 5-Step Method for Journaling

Thank you to those who participated in the live broadcast and completed the post-webinar survey. Your feedback helps us improve our teaching and training.

Here is some of the feedback we received:


50% of survey respondents said the webinar far exceeded their expectations, 32% said if exceeded their expectations, and the rest said it met their expectations.

What were your favorite parts about the webinar?

  • The practical how to application
  • The content overall was substantive and I never got bored or distracted. It is obvious that Joseph Peck is anointed to teach/share this invaluable info and tools. I enjoy “connecting the dots” and having a bit of a system to follow so I really appreciate that aspect of his approach to journaling.
  • On how to get a breakthrough
  • The story about Patricia King. The importance of forming good habits, which lead to success.
  • The revelation to write the vision and God will make it plain.
  • Combining personal testimony with the teaching points.
  • Joseph’s testimony of debt cancellation, which is my prayer also
  • So much revelation throughout. I don’t journal. Now I will!
  • How to Journal while in your sacred time each morning
  • I liked the real examples of how Joseph does his journaling. Real examples help with real implementation.
  • Realized that this was God speaking.This webinar encouraged me more than you know. I began with the “Dream Giver” many years ago and taught it at my church. I have not given up on my dream. I use to journal all the time. Commiting to Journaling again, I know, is my key.
  • Encouragement to make another effort to get disciplined and consistent.
  • His reading about what he is thankful for
  • The personal sharing
  • Make time with God “sacred time” and a priority, not just devotional time
  • Everything!

What was the most important lesson you learned?

  • HABITS! Routines. My downfall is that my young children wake up early or unexpectedly so I have a hard time with distractions.
  • God gives instructions for the day, and things to focus on during the day
  • That I may need this to get the intimacy I’ve been yearning for
  • Strategies to take in order to hear God more
  • Intentional devotional habits will bear much fruit
  • Good hàbits are the keys to succés or victory
  • Getting back to God in a more intimate way
  • With journaling, will see patterns in hearing from God
  • God hasn’t forgotten me!! I was refreshed!
  • To journal
  • Journaling in a different way than what I had been doing
  • That God is waiting for me to acknowledge our meeting each morning.
  • I will form good habits and become their slave! No more procrastination for me. No more being a slave to my impulses. I am an entrepreneur and know that good habits are the key to success and bad ones lead to a life of mediocrity yet I often fall short of practicing good habits in all aspects of my life.
  • Journaling should be two-way: you to God and God to you.
  • Organizing and clarifying an order to get started in getting back on track with God and growing in intimacy with Him.
  • Great habits are created through consistantcy each and every day
  • How incredibly life changing journaling with God can be is a key lesson. I truly want and need that in my life. As a full-time working mom who can’t seem to wake up in the morning, I struggle with finding the sacred time for this journaling. I spend time with God while driving to and from work, but I can’t journal while driving. I really want and need to hear God’s instructions each day and pray that He will reveal how I can realistically make journaling a daily part of life.

Blessings to learn and apply 3 simple habits to bear much fruit!

Joseph PeckJoseph

Joseph Peck, M.D.
The Time Doctor
Empowering Dreams
Author, I Was Busy Now I’m Not

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    Very inspiring teaching. Life changing…Thank you…

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