Title: PERSPECTIVE: Setting the Overall Vision for LightLeads888
Series: The 7 Pillars of a Kingdom Business
Training: Lightleads888 / LifeWave Business Training
Speaker: Karen Bates
Facilitator: Joseph Peck, M.D.
Date: July 17, 2023, 2 pm Eastern
Description: Pending

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Thank you for for those of you who have chosen to be a LifeWave® brand partner.

You are now part of the LightLeads888 community with my wife Julia and me (Joseph Peck), the Empower2000 (E2000) family and our growing LifeWave® family. We are excited join forces with you to help #SpreadTheLight!

Together we are part of a MOVEMENT to spread God’s love and improve people’s health.

Health and Wealth are two of the greatest needs and interests for most people. LifeWave® addresses both of those.

The LifeWave® patches are the most significant advancement in medical technology I have seen in my 40 year medical career. The LifeWave business opportunity is one of the most significant business opportunities I have seen in my lifetime to date.

The testimonies have come pouring in since Julia and I and our team began promoting the X39® and other LifeWave patches in early June 2023.

During the next 6 weeks, Karen Bates and I will be providing live training to help you grow as a person (leader), use the LifeWave® patches effectively, and build your LifeWave® business, so you can bless (serve) more people and earn extra income in the process.