Speaker: Karen Bates
Facilitator: Joseph Peck, M.D.
Date: June 8, 2023, 2 pm Eastern
Description: Unleash your unique purpose in God’s plan. Be equipped to identify the solutions, ideas, and innovations that YOU were specifically designed to deliver to your generation.

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The world we live in is in dire need of hope and healing.

Everywhere we look, we witness heartbreak, confusion, and chaos. The post-C*V*D era has brought about a new world and a new season, and it’s clear that the way we’ve been doing things is not working.

As Karen shares her story, she reflects on her 15 years in the mortgage industry, where each year seemed to bring new challenges and obstacles. It was never a message of boundless opportunity but rather warnings of new laws and requirements that threatened profitability or even existence.

However, this is precisely where Kingdom Solutionists step in—a community of individuals specifically created for such a time as this. We believe that lack of knowledge leads to perishing, and it’s evident that we’ve been taught the wrong things, modeled after broken systems.

Karen’s journey is a testament to this truth. When she started her business, she was taught to replicate the strategies of top producers—emulating their personalities, strengths, talents, skills, and experiences. Yet, it became clear that conforming to their methods would never bring her the desired success.

Join us to hear Karen’s remarkable testimony about how she discovered her unique superpower within God’s design for her business. She uncovered a beautifully unique approach that left her with ZERO competition in an overly competitive market.

Even more exciting, Karen will share the revelations God has given her regarding the upcoming season. Over the past two decades, she has been equipped to help you identify the specific solutions, ideas, and innovations that YOU were created to offer your generation.

Nothing about you is random—your gender, looks, parents, ethnicity, nation, town, family, and even your quirks. They are all clues, signposts, facets of your unique purpose. Every aspect of who you are was intentionally created for a time such as this.

It’s time to let your light shine!

Together, we have been called to this season, this time. Together, let us equip ourselves for what God has called us to do. Will you join us in preparing for the next season? Are you ready to trust God, unlearn the ways of man, and embrace your unique gifts and calling?

The world is eagerly waiting for you—the unique solutions and problems you were specifically created to solve. Just look at the likes of Oprah, Taylor Swift, and Michael Jordan. They stand out because they have discovered their unique facets of the image they bear for God. They excel in it, they live it, they fearlessly share it with others!

Are you ready to find your unique purpose?

During the live broadcast, I will interview Karen, delving into why she believes we should never doubt our creativity, ideas, or purpose again.

Let’s come together and fight God’s battles with His weapons—radical love, radical joy, radical peace, and radical generosity. No fighting against others, no fear. Simply stepping into the vision and narrow path God created for you, discovering your supernatural advantage to accomplish great things in this next season.

Will you join us?


There is a tribe of people waiting specifically for you, needing you more than ever. Will you answer this call?

Join us today for this empowering message to prepare you to advance on the path God has set for you. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together.