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28 Apr

Title: Affiliate Marketing
Category: Web 2.0
Date/Time: Tuesday April 28, 2009, 11 am EST (4 am U.K.)
Hosts: Dr. Randy Peck, Dr. Jerry Graham
Guest Panelist: Lynne Lee (U.K.)
Cost: FREE Webinar

How do you leverage other people’s time, money, talents, ideas, and relationships?

Affiliate MarketingThere are several ways to profit from the web including 1) Selling your products, 2) Selling your services, 3) Online courses, 4) Memberships, 5) Affiliate Relationships (Marketing), and 6) Joint Ventures. The latter three are good ways to leverage resources. According to Willie Crawford, a very successful internet entrepreneur, Memberships are the #1 business model to generate substantial residual income.

However, affiliate marketing is a simple way to start generating revenue via the web with little or no financial investment. According to Wikipedia, “Affiliate marketing is an Internet-based marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s marketing efforts.”

During this webinar, we shared some simple ideas to help YOU get started with affiliate marketing to begin leveraging what you have.

Questions Lynne Lee addressed included:
1) What is an affiliate?
2) What is affiliate marketing?
3) Why be an affiliate?
4) What are the basic steps of affiliate marketing?
5) How does someone link as an affiliate? Why redirects – buying a domain name and forwarding?
6) Will you share some affiliate marketing tips?
See the blog post
7) What things do you promote?
See April 28 blog post titled “Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate marketing resources”
8) How does someone sign up to receive affiliate fees with your products?

Unfortunately, the audio recording for this webinar was blank. Therefore, we hope to repeat this webinar sometime during May or June 2009. Fortunately, Lynne Lee prepared an outstanding blog post to cover the topic. See

Internet Marketing First Steps: This blog post that Lynne Lee wrote in preparation for her Affiliate Marketing webinar on April 28 is simply the best I have ever seen on the subject. On Lynne’s post, she has more than 50 affiliate links for outstanding products and services. Not only will you benefit from using these yourself, but you can earn substantial affiliate fees yourself by referring others you want to bless. Lynne has done the homework for all of us. Seize this opportunity.

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