God’s Way To An A – free teleclass on Nov 15

11 Nov

God’s Way To An A

God's Way To An ALast week I received an email from Veronica Karaman asking for my help to broadcast a powerful message to the Body of Christ about Spirit-led study. This is a ministry Veronica has done for years called “God’s Way to an A.” She has personally trained over 6,000 students to be academic champions through this widely acclaimed curriculum.

And she’s offering a free teleclass on Nov. 15, 2011


I spoke with Veronica at length on Nov 8 and agreed to not only promote “God’s Way to an A” but also her “Fresh Family Joy” program, intended for anyone who wants to turn stressful family dynamics into fresh family joy this Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season You’ll hear more about that next week.

God’s Way to an A is about linking you up to a passionate journey with God in your studies that will produce joy, remarkable results, and deep satisfaction in your work.

God’s Way to an A will also help you learn how receive revelation from God as you become led by the Holy Spirit in your studies.

If you are tired of feeling like a caged-bird rather than an eagle flying high, if you are tired of overwhelm, defeat, and feeling the burden of learning rather than the joy God has designed for you to have, then sign up for the FREE teleclass on Tuesday, November 15 at 7 pm Eastern time


While Verionica’s target audience for “God’s Way to an A” is high school and college students, I think parents and grandparent will be interested in learning more about this to bless their children and grandchildren.

How life-changing is Veronica’s training? One student wrote, “These truths impacted me so greatly that I have plan on using them for the rest of my college career and the rest of my life.”

Felicias Story from God’s Way to An A


By the way, Veronica is the founder of True Champion Coaching. Her passion for the last 25 years has been helping people to get in touch with their most authentic self and to live powerfully from that place–releasing the true champion within. A graduate of Duke University and Regent University, Veronica began her professional career as tour player and golf instructor. Her career highlight was playing in the 1989 Women’s U.S. Open. She now brings her champion mind-sets from sports into her life-coaching and personal leadership practice empowering people to live with fresh focus, passion, and joy.

Blessings to help Veronica spread this important message!

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