How to Get and Keep All the Clients You Need

27 Aug


Why You’re Struggling to Get Clients and How to Change It

The biggest challenge most small business owners tell me they have is getting more clients. The real problem is that they don’t have enough leads, and online that means getting more traffic and more people on your e-mail list. Getting more clients is a 5 step process:

  1. Prepare – set up your website, branding and marketing to attract the right people and get them to take action
  2. Attract – get targeted traffic to your website, convert them to subscribers and leads
  3. Nurture – build your relationship and your status as an expert with your subscribers so they want to learn more from you
  4. Convert – your subscribers into paying clients
  5. Multiply – dramatically increase your sales through loyal repeat clients, referrals, re-purposing and creating passive and recurring income.

Let’s address the problems I see people make all the time that you can easily correct.

Skipping Crucial Steps

If you skip any of the 5 steps above you will struggle to get and keep clients. Most people want to go straight to Step 2 without completing Step 1. Many people skip “nurture” and go straight to “convert”. People want to have a relationship with you and have proof you’re the real deal before they buy from you, so nurturing and building your relationship is crucial.

And if you truly want a sustainable and lucrative business you absolutely must know how to multiply your sales without working harder or longer.

Getting Targeted Leads and Traffic

Many people see generating enough online traffic as a big challenge. By implementing an Online Lead Generation System each and every week, you’ll get all the traffic you need. However random acts of marketing done inconsistently are not going to do it. What do you do every single day to generate targeted traffic?

Getting People to Take Action

This is where I see the biggest mistakes of all. When people arrive at your website, be sure that the language on your website is all about them—their pain, their challenges, and the results they want that you can provide. Take an honest look at your marketing materials and messages and drop the “we” and “I” language. Tell them what you will do for them.

What is the biggest result your clients want from you? Your headlines, product titles and the title of any free giveaways you offer need to be focused on the results or benefits your prospects really want, or create a strong curiosity for your prospect to learn more.

If you let people know you understand where they need help, you show them how you provide a solution and you offer them a compelling “giveaway” they will want to learn more and they will be more willing to opt-in to your mailing list.

Converting Leads to Clients

Focus your sales messages and web pages on proving that you understand the most urgent problems and challenges people have—the ones that are so urgent that they will pay you to help solve them. Your products need to be positioned and perceived as producing a specific, highly desired result. Don’t be vague, be very specific. A product title like “Improve Your Life and Reach Your Dream” is much too vague, but a title like “10 Steps to Overcoming Any Obstacle so You Can Achieve Your Biggest Goal”” is more specific.

Build trust and make people feel confident about buying from you with great testimonials from people who have gotten results from your product. Offer a guarantee so buyers feel confident because they know they have a return option. And most importantly, make sure that the perceived value of your product is that it’s worth as much as or more than the price. You can increase the perceived value by adding bonuses or offering a limited time discount. If people fear that they won’t get the results they want or they won’t get value equal to or more than they’re paying, they’ll be less likely to buy.

Finally ask people to say “yes”! So many business owners lose interested prospects because they just don’t ask.

So put yourself in your buyer’s shoes, understand how they’re thinking, create “buyer-centric” language on your web pages and marketing materials and then consistently work on traffic generating activities. In a few months getting clients will be so much easier.

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Blessings to learn to follow this 5 step process to get and keep all the clients you want!


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