Living Each Day on Purpose

20 Aug

On August 20, Gary Beaton and I had the privilege of co-hosting a live global broadcast with Lori Salley titled “Living Each Day on Purpose”. This was Week 6 of the Soaring333 series “Contending with God for Your Breakthrough”.

Steve Shultz, founder of the Elijah List, said his faith has been growing with the stories shared during each live broadcast, but this one perhaps resulted in his greatest increase in faith. Lori’s story is truly amazing.

Click to watch the video below or download the audio replay (MP3) and listen to that.

Our lives are made up of 24 hour days. What we do and believe in those hours, build our personal stories and create a future for the next generation.

Lori starts her message by sharing about the beginning steps in Moses’ life. In his story, we will discover some keys to help us press into the fullness and purpose of our own life. Lori’s personal story of contending with God for the dreams he placed in her heart, follow a similar path to those of Moses. Living on purpose is a life style. It isn’t just for the famous or those in a position of influence. It’s for every person who wants to live a life in the Kingdom of God now.

3 keys to living on purpose each day include:

  • Key #1: BE YOU. Be who you are, really who you are.
  • Key #2: Be willing to serve. Serving other’s people vision positions you to be in the right place at the right time.
  • Key #3: Believe for the impossible.

Mike and Lori Salley are the founders of Show Mercy International. They currently live in Mississippi with their two daughters, Sarah and Katelin. After experiencing God’s heart of compassion for the suffering in Africa, they determined in their hearts they could, along with others, make a positive difference in the lives of many of these people. Mike and Lori have a passion to assist the poor and broken, specifically focusing on the orphaned and abandoned children living in developing countries such as Uganda.They have given their life to help raise-up a generation of world changers and inspire others to believe they too can live a life of passion and purpose. Their focus isn’t just in developing nations though, they have a heart to inspire everyone to live a life of faith and believe all things are possible with God. Their personal testimony attests to this truth!

Blessings to step into the promises of God!


P.S. On Friday August 21, Glenisaah Stauffer led a global prayer broadcast titled “Ambassadors of the Kingdom“. That was one of the most powerful prayer calls I have ever participated in. Let us know what you think if you watch it with a comment at the bottom of the blog post.

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  1. Paul Wayne Dominy August 23, 2015 at 9:42 pm #

    Great Word ,my wife and I are in a wait moment,and what seems to be a time of silence. Pray for us, We are going to make some major decisions about our T.V. Program “Learning To Live” tomorrow about what station to keep and what to drop. We are on the Knoxville C.T.N. Station and 4 others. thanks guys. I pray you will have a great time in Va. Thanks God bless great testimony.

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