Prophetic Evangelism

02 Dec

Title: Prophetic Evangelism – How Jesus The Ultimate Revolutionary Worked
Speaker: Phil Zaldatte
Host: Dr. Joseph Peck
Panelists: Lynne Lee
Date/Time: Wednesday, December 2, 2015
Duration: 111 minutes



REVOLUTIONARY = One who brings about a major or fundamental change (Webster dictionary)

Live an exemplary life amongst the gentiles so that your actions will refute their prejudices. Then they will be won over to Gods side and be there to join in the celebration when He arrives. (1 Peter 2:12)

Prophetic EvangelismContrary to belief amongst some Christians that prophecy is only meant for believers, God wants to use the prophetic in the lives of unbelievers too, as he used Joseph in the life of an unbelieving king, Pharaoh. Prophetic Evangelism is defined as a personal word of wisdom and knowledge about the past, present or future, imparted to unbelievers, and often leads to opportunities to evangelize them. God can use believers like you and me, to impart it, or he can impart it directly to the unbeliever such as Jesus appearing to a Muslim person.

Prophetic evangelism is not just for a few select prophets , but is another powerful tool for any believer wanting to share the message of the Kingdom in the marketplace and with the world. If we ask God to use us and declare ourselves available, he will use you and me to reach the world.

You may be a bit hesitant and perhaps immediately decide this is not for you. Many believers testify that they could not prophesy, until they started using the gift with unbelievers. Then they suddenly realized they could, and so can you and I.

Remember, Paul encouraged us in 1 Corinthians 14 to desire to prophesy, more than any other gift. Do not feel intimidated–all of us are called to be his witnesses, to be salt and light and to spread the message of hope and salvation where ever we go. The stage is set–Join with us as we look how “Jesus the Ultimate Revolutionary” turned the world upside down to reveal His father, modeling how you and I can do like wise to change our world.

You are invited to a free live global broadcast on Wednesday December 2 at 2 pm Eastern Time (New York) with Phil Zaldatte titled “Prophetic Evangelism – How Jesus The Ultimate Revolutionary Worked”.

During this live broadcast, Phil Zaldatte will demystify prophetic evangelism so you can see that it is for all of us to walk out.

What Phil will cover:

  • Where you fit in
  • The key to our success
  • Where are you called by God?
  • How your unique gifts and skills operate there
  • Which mountain of influence is yours?
  • Prophecy—the primary tool that fuels evangelism
  • How Jesus got his disciples
  • How Jesus bore witness of himself
  • New Testament Church


Phil ZaldattePhil Zaldatte Phil Zaldatte has dedicated his life to helping people fulfill their dreams. He is much sought after speaker, life coach and executive consultant.

Phil is the founder and President of “Prolific Leadership Solutions” whose mission is to ignite an awareness and desire for personal and professional growth and to guide and equip individuals and groups through that process. Phil’s vision is to help leaders experience sustained and integrated transformation in all areas of life as they navigate through transition in a rapidly changing and unpredictable world.

He has helped and inspired people in all walks of life from political figures and top level business executives to spiritual leaders and artists. Considered a “coach for the spirit”, Phil is a pioneer for a new generation of coaching professionals who are inspiring excellence and breakthrough around the world.


Thank you to those who participated in the live broadcast and completed the post-webinar survey. We routinely take a look at all those responses.

Here is some of the feedback we received:

41% of survey respondents said the webinar far exceeded their expectations and another 34% said it exceeded their expectations.

What were your favorite parts about the webinar?

  • The prophetic word that Phil spoke at the beginning of the webinar – it was encouraging to me personally
  • The entire session from start to completion
  • The prophetic evangelism stories
  • Prophetic words given
  • The outreach prophetic evangelism and drums
  • How God shows up… on our ordinary every day
  • I especially liked the detail info of the brook and how it exemplifies trials and their purpose
  • How he explained the 4 levels of the prophetic
  • To hear Phil instantly prophesy to people who had raised their hands
  • Prayers, definitions, testimony
  • Initial prophetic word; stories of real world experiences and opportunities for interaction
  • Phil confirmed many of the things the Lord has been saying to me. about how prophecy is for those that are not of Christ as well as those that are. Very encouraging
  • The prophetic word given at the beginning of course and also Phil’s sharing of the street evangelisms with his mentees that he shared.
  • The prophetic word at the beginning by Phil, all the Scriptural examples of how Jesus and his deciples moved in the gifts to draw people to Him. I also like how you expounded on terms that helped us understand the depth of this.
  • Thank you to Phil, Joseph, and Lynen on the webinar for being spiritual Mothers and Fathers we so desperately need for this Generation. God is raising up a New Kingdom generation in which we have inherited many gifts from The Father.The gifts are there waiting to be opened. So thank you for opening the door and reading some of the directions out loud to us. So many children are waiting eagerly for the directions to operate in the gift they been given and learn how to operate them. So thank you and God bless.
  • Loved hearing biblical applications/stories
  • The levels of prophecy, how to exercise the prophetic anointing that you have (how to follow God’ voice), how to maintain your inner peace.

We encourage you to refer your family and friends to the replay while it is available.

Blessings to understand prophetic evangelism and apply it!


Joseph Peck, M.D.
The Time Doctor
Empowering Dreams
Author, I Was Busy Now I’m Not

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