The Journey From Pain Island To Gain Island

11 Jun

Gain Island – A safe place of Love, Joy, and Peace

Title: The Journey From Pain Island To Gain Island
Presenters: Dr. Joseph Peck
Date: Tuesday, June 12, 2012
Duration: 18 minutes

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The fact that you’re reading this message makes me think you’re experiecing some type of pain and want relief.

Perhaps you want more time, more money, or better health.

Or maybe, you want more love, joy, and peace in your life, family, or work.

Whatever it is you need or want, there’s a good chance I can help you.

You see, for 20 years I worked as a pain doctor (anesthesiologist) and for the past 5 years I have been training as a “gain doctor” on GAIN ISLAND.

What is a “gain doctor” you ask?

Good question.

A gain doctor is someone who takes you on a journey of discovery and growth to travel from pain island to gain island.

A gain doctor helps you …

  • Gain in rest
  • Gain in intimacy (relationships)
  • Gain in time
  • Gain in finances
  • Gain in freedom
  • Gain in wisdom
  • Gain in knowledge
  • Gain in understanding
  • Gain in love
  • Gain in joy
  • Gain in peace
  • Gain in impact (leverage)

I’d like to invite you to participate in a live webinar tomorrow to learn more about …

The Journey from Pain Island to Gain Island

To make it convenient for you and many others to participate, I’m offering this webinar at 3 different times and keeping it short (20 minutes)

Gain IslandDuring this webinar you will learn …

  • How you know you’re on pain island
  • What gain island is like
  • How I made my journey from pain island to gain island
  • How you can make that journey too

Don’t miss it. The ship taking people on the journey from pain island to gain island departs on Wed June 13 (the day after the webinar) and only those who get on board in time can take the journey.

Blessing to choose to take The Journey!

Captain Joseph
The Journey from Pain Island to Gain Island

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