God’s Turnaround Verdict – Daniel 7:22

07 May

Title: God’s Turnaround Verdict – Daniel 7:22
Speaker: Jon Hamill
Cohosts: Dr. Joseph Peck and Gary Beaton
Panelists: Brian Francis Hume, Nancy Slocum, Jodi Davis
Date/Time: Thursday, May 7, 2015 at 4 pm Eastern (New York)
Duration: 110 minutes


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This global broadcast was Week 5 of Soaring222: Discipling the Nations.

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Crown and ThroneIt’s really getting dark out there. It is time for God’s burning lamps to shine – a burning lamp revolution. With this at heart, Jon and Jolene Hamill and the Revolution team are so excited to release “God’s Turnaround Verdict – Daniel 7:22” to the world.

Daniel 7:22 – “until the Ancient of Days came, and a judgment was made in favor of the saints of the Most High, and the time came for the saints to possess the kingdom.

This live global broadcast out of Washington DC is very significant spiritually. May 7 is the National Day of Prayer. It it also it the anniversary of the start of the 21 day solemn assembly that Mike Bickel called in 1999 that launched the International House of Prayer (IHOP).

Jon and Jolene are the founders of Lamplighter Ministries. They have ministered in conferences and churches throughout America, as well as internationally in Canada, Germany, Sierra Leone and Israel. They are the authors of the recently-published book “Crown and Throne: A Field Guide to Spiritual Revolution,” which has gained widespread popularity across the nation.

What is The Turnaround Verdict and how does this apply to you, your nation, and our world? Discover what The Turnaround Verdict is and when and how the gavel came down releasing the Daniel 7:22 verdict from the courts of Heaven. Learn how this affects and applies to nations as well as to people.

During this global broadcast, Jon Hamill discusses:

  • The Significance of May 7
  • The Crown and Throne Prophecy
  • Three Principles of Crown and Throne
  • How the Gavel Came Down on July 22, 2014 (7-22)
  • The 90 Days Following The Turnaround Verdict
  • The Outcome for Nations
  • Significance to Christ Followers

Blessings to let your light burn brightly!

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2 Responses to “God’s Turnaround Verdict – Daniel 7:22”

  1. catherine marchildon February 22, 2016 at 5:07 am #

    right now im in a group with brian humes 21 day pray for breakthrough. ive been hearing for the lord turnaround three years. ester was my project i picked to present at church. daniel i was calleed prophet tacf he called three of to come forth at a conference and thee os us showed about 2000 people. i feel now its coming to pass ive been through a war a tsunami last 7 years. ive beenconnected to you dr, joesph Peck. and gary beaten now john and brian. i represent canada. the lord gave me a book and tile and chapters to write about 7 years ago the revoultion and the gvernment shall be on his shoulders.. i had been waling out patterns set fromchildood choices compromises etc, .today now rest in the lord radical folower i used be fell but never let go. went through two court casescant say now one day how prophetic. i have beenstripped taken a fall and something i dint lost everything God showed satan in heaven wanting to test me showed man earth god showed my destiny . God gave a sceptor years ago compared to a signet ring crowned with a crown over glory robe of righteousness. been to the thrownof god knighted and given sword.. I asked the lord last night to have the same radical obedience as todd koontnz. today i was watching REIGN king and queen were crowned first a ring then a sceptor then a crown. tje lord was showing me hkingly annoionting my authority in christ. 7 speaks why really attratced to webnar 777 trademark is catmark 7 crown. email cahterinemarchildon7@gmail.com. ive experienced an amazing whirlwidnrecently literally i found a three 3d paper evergreen tree sitting on my tv now i understand. i recently nominated milton memorial aremna to krafthockeyville feb 07 2016 with hr of dadline. i did in in vison mapping expert 29 condensed to 7pgs deadlinbe 7pm couple weeks ago to go infronto f 77 intercessors. my picture is lion. yes i receive the destiny channel. i believe the lord is going to give me aplatorm for youth. i recently wrote on mayor town of milton ignite the fires.. piece of the writted nomination a moment in time , a dream realised , a soul saved set our community ablaze. ihave a lion a woman with an arrow. prsice precision. my nickname cat. cat in the hunger games speaks to. every webnar speaks to me but htis i came across today the lord impresed to ogo on line and saw the pic trun around this webnar spoke every single word by everyone everyhting ive experienced today on ohter groups my life visons dreams impressions etc cant wait to speak to briean i sent gary beaton pictures about month ago dont known why accept i felt i havae a journey similiar now like jon. just hard to believe piece of jelwery given to gold looks like circle of diamonds arounmd gold justice scales its siting in a cystal bowl shape of a maple leaf oh canada we stand on gauard for thee and ive been speaking to the atmospere and anyone go learfs go part of my nomination a comback for toronto maple leafs similar to my life against all odds. a pasotr confirmed his very own testimony today. so did joesph peck i listed last week very simlilir but i lost everything. i believ god will restore a million dolar somehow soemway wonder if milton can win just so many connections. i wrote dr joesph peck reply in the presence webnar last week probably doesntt know lung collapse etc continual attacks on my life. so much confirmation tonight thir confirmation now rest in the lord its done. and im back out of townwhere lots of sabatoging has taken place cant wait to write to brian go before the spirit sabbatoge now i understand why im back here. i believe he will bring me a new home circumstances i believ in proicess of lsoing new home i got over year ago barly stair so may reason s many level.wow i have been wowed so many dots connecting all night.


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