What was Albert Einstein’s greatest discovery?

04 Oct

The Power of Compound Interest

Some sources claim that Albert Einstein said the greatest discovery was the the power of compound interest. According to Snopes, we can not be sure Einstein actually said this because he died in 1955 and the first mention of a quote like this attributed to him appeared in the New York Times in 1983.

Regardless of the source, compound interest is powerful. It can either work for you (savings) or against you (debt).

To see the power of compound interest, let’s assume you make a one-time investment of $10,000 in something that grows tax free. How much will you have after 10 years with these different annual interest rates?

Interest Rate   Value after 10 years
———-   ———-
5%   $16,289
8%   $21,589
10%   $25,937
15%   $40,456
20%   $61,917
30%   $137,858
40%   $289,255

So what? Now what?

One of my clients, John Norquay, is branding himself as the go-to person for 401k and IRA advice and management, Without a doubt, he is a thought leader in the arena of investment advice.

What truly separates John and his company from all the other advisors is their investment approach. They know that God made everything as energy which travels in cycles. They track these cycles that occur within the market. The bottom line: John aims to limit down turns in client portfolios without limiting the upturns.

I don’t recall the exact numbers, but over the past ten years, I think the portfolio John’s company has managed has grown by an average of about 35% per year. Considering all the volatility in the financial markets over the past several years, that’s quite amazing.

I’d like to invite you to participate in a webinar I am hosting with John on Thursday October 6 at 8 pm EDT titled “Your 401k / IRA: The Missing Piece.”


During this webinar, John will provide an overview of how 401k’s work as well as his proven investment strategy. The advice John will be sharing is practical for all types of investments, both in retirement accounts and non-retirement accounts.

It’s interesting that employees are charged with managing what is often their largest investable asset, their 401k plan. Yet managing investments is no easy task. In John’s opinion, most investment advisors don’t do it well, so how can we expect employees who have no training to do it?

If you currently have money to invest or have friends who do, I encourage you to register for this value-packed webinar. Even if you can’t attend the live event, by registering you will receive access to the recording.


Crash Course: Chapter 4 – The Power of Compounding by Chris Martenson


Blessings to learn how to use the power of compound interest in your favor!

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