Write the Vision and Make It Plain!!!

08 May

Attention All Business Owners and Solopreneurs!

  • Got a Business Vision but no-one else ‘gets’ it?
  • Struggling to describe what you are on about clearly and powerfully?
  • Getting distracted and not moving forward?
  • Working hard and still not getting where you want?

Crystal clear visionThen you are not alone! Many of our followers have shared with us how they struggle to describe their Business Vision in a way that

  • Brings clarity
  • Energizes them and their team
  • Provides focus
  • Generates massive forward momentum

I’m delighted to share an exclusive opportunity to spend time with Steve & Tara Connell, co-founders of Kingdom Business Builders – Vision Culture & Communication Specialists. This is the husband and wife team who helped me get crystal-clear about my own Business Vision.

CLICK HERE to watch the video replay of this webinar.

RIGHT CLICK HERE to download the audio replay for this webinar.

In this FREE webinar you will learn:

  • Why stating your Business Vision clearly and powerfully is so important
  • The difference between Vision and Mission, and why you need both
  • The #1 Obstacle to achieving your Business Vision and what you need to do to overcome it

Join us Wednesday 9 May at 8 pm EDT and find out more about how to give your Business Vision wings to soar and take you where God wants you to go.

CLICK HERE to watch the video replay of this webinar.

Steve and Tara will be making a special offer during the call for those people who want to take action now to have a powerful, simple and compelling Business Vision that moves them in the direction God is directing them. Click here to register!

Then the LORD answered me and said:
Write the vision And make it plain on tablets,
That he may run who reads it. (Habakkuk 2:2)

Title: Write the Vision and Make It Plain!!!
Presenters: Steve and Tara Connell
Facilitator: Holy Spirit + Dr. Joseph Peck
Panelists: Laurie Roberts, Beverly Leavitt
Date: Wednesday, May 9, 2012
Time: 8 pm Eastern
Duration: 75 minutes

Blessings to write the vision and make it clear!

Joseph PeckJoseph

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