2013 – A Year of Fulfilled Expectations

08 Feb

Title: 2013 – A Year of Fulfilled Expectations – Are You Ready For Acceleration?
Presenter: Wende Jones
Facilitator: Dr. Joseph Peck
Panelists: Kathie Nelson, Dr. Gordon Bradshaw, Matthew Fleming
Date: Wednesday, Feb 13, 2013
Time: 8 pm EST (7 pm CST, 6 pm MST, 5 pm PST)
Duration: 68 minutes

CLICK HERE to watch or listen to the webinar replay.

AccelerationMany of you have probably heard the many prophetic and apostolic words that have been spoken with regards to 2013. God is speaking into His children the idea of a rebirth of culture and learning, a year of enlightenment of How big God is in and through us and a year of renaissance. You can read from many leaders these words and ideas so what I want to discuss is how do we prepare for the increase of His knowledge here on earth and what will be required of us to step into this move of God?

Do you sometimes feel like you are behind everyone else, that they know things that you don’t know, that they have been preparing and planning and you have not? I felt this way for years, everyone seemed to be so tuned in and I was wandering on the side lines! What did I need to do to get “off the bench” and play in the game?

God began speaking a message of acceleration to Wende. What it is, why it’s needed and how it will bring us into the NOW of what He is doing. We will discuss on this webinar how we can “get off the bench” and begin playing in the game. We will discuss the 4 key elements of acceleration that will “catch us up to God” and what He is doing on the earth! We are called to unite together as a body and participate in the advancement of His kingdom here on earth until “The kingdoms of this world become the kingdom of our Lord and Christ”. Let’s get started!

Our panelists that will be joining us are all moving in acceleration and will bring great insight and revelation as we discuss this critical topic for these critical times! We will also be announcing some follow up webinars and trainings with regards to Increasing our Capacity for God and Supernatural Acceleration which will be key to our 2013 journey with Him!

CLICK HERE to watch or listen to the webinar replay.

Blessings to step into a year of Fulfilled Expectations!

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