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Encounters with Jesus – How to know the encounters you are having are really God

02 Aug

In this message, Dr. Phillips will share her encounters with Jesus and how difficult it was in the beginning for her to discern what was happening to her was actually the Presence of GOD. Theresa will share how it took several encounters for her to learn to activate her own senses and receive the visitation […]

Queens of the Kingdom

09 Sep

Ingrid Budag was born and raised in South Brazil in a family of German descendants. From a troubled childhood and a rebellious adolescence, she met the Lord when she was about to take her own life at 18 years of age. The Lord surprised her two years later when she became Miss Brazil and a […]

Sozo Webinar #2 – Authority to Tread: Deliver our Children from Evil

13 Dec

You’re invited to join us on this powerful webinar with Rebecca Greenwood. Becca disciples and trains in prayer, spiritual warfare, deliverance, spiritual mapping, prophecy, our inheritance in the kingdom of God, leadership and how to live a life of purpose and destiny. She is committed to teach on the necessity and promise of living a […]

#WFJ: The Story Behind The Story is THE KEY

14 Sep

The Story Behind The Story is THE KEY to successful and highly prolific webinars. Everyone has a story. According to the TMCJ flash header, “Every person … every family … every community… every culture… every nation … needs THE STORY.” People can argue with your doctrine. People can argue with your religion and personal views. […]

#WFJ: The Miracle of Christmas

19 Dec

What do you want for Christmas more than anything else? What is your greatest heart’s desire? Sometimes you don’t even know what that one thing is that would bring you total fulfillment, but guess what… God knows. He knows because He planted it in your heart before the foundation of the world. What could that […]

#WFJ: The $14,400 Miracles

12 Dec

Come experience the excitement of our vibrant, online, world-wide community (TRIBE) that is changing lives to disciple nations. During this life-changing, world-changing webinar, we shared what I consider to be my biggest God story for the past 7 years – “The $14,400 Miracles.”