A Time and Place for Everything: 12 Biblical Precepts to Organize Your Home, Habits, and Heart

13 Sep

Title: A Time and Place for Everything: 12 Biblical Precepts to Organize Your Home, Habits, and Heart
Speaker: Sue McMillin
Host: Dr. Joseph Peck
Date/Time: Tuesday, September 13, 2016
Duration: 132 minutes


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Do you know there are at least 12 key biblical precepts that will help you redeem the time and reclaim lost territory – physical, emotional and spiritual?

These 12 organizational precepts operated in the lives of the men and women in Scripture and were given for our instruction, to offer direction for our thoughts and behaviors. Most people are surprised to learn the Bible talks so much about the importance of being organized.

When we begin looking at our lives and homes through the lens of creating order, and when we begin honoring and living out these 12 precepts, the Lord releases fresh power and freedom to follow Him and to walk in the purposes He has for our lives.

Sue is the most organized person I have ever met in my life by far. She is a master at creating order out of chaos.

Sue’s presentation is divided into three parts with four precepts discussed in each part. Here is taste (sample) of what Sue will discuss.

Part I: Organizing Your Home
Precept 1: Prepare ourselves and our home for transformation (Genesis 39:1-6)

Joseph, the son of Jacob, learned that taking wise care of a household led to opening God’s plan for his destiny. Preparing our home organizationally will free us to operate fully in our gifting and calling. The result is a transformed home and family.

When you put a prince in a prison, he turns the prison into a palace! He was a slave, then a servant, then an attendant, a manager, an executive manager, a COO and then Prime Minister of Egypt. He knew how to set up systems and as we follow his example, we will also learn how to set up systems in our home for the big challenges that come into our lives.

Part II: Organizing Your Habits
Precept 5: Guard diligently our priorities (John 5:19, Matthew 6:33)

Jesus diligently guarded his number one priority: doing his Father’s will. He received many requests, but he only did what he saw the Father do. However, we struggle with understanding what God wants. We must not respond to every need and request but to our God-assigned priorities. It may surprise us that our priorities are not: God, then family, then church, then work! We will discover new paradigms of success when we hear what scripture says about priorities.

Part III: Organizing Your Heart
Precept 9: Be content in our design and calling (Hebrews 13:5)

The author of Hebrews says it succinctly – be content with what we have and with who we are. Contentment brings the heart into order, settles the soul and frees us from the power of “stuff.” After we are free from our stuff, we will operate more fully in our design and calling.

Contentment is wanting what we have, not having to have what we want. What is the real culprit to contentment? Coveting. And scripture has a lot to say about this subject. Once we discover the truth about coveting and how it affects our contentment, we will be forever free to share our wealth and bring hospitality into our home.

Blessings to understand these 12 precepts to organize your home, habits, and heart!

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