Speaker: Lynn Hare
Facilitator: Joseph Peck
Date: December 16, 2021, Noon Eastern

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In her broadcast “7 Practical Steps to Activate your Success with Angels”, Lynn Hare unveilis the amazing world of the angelic realm. Her teaching will help you embrace the truth that angels exist, how they work. and how to have a proper relationship with them.

Understanding how to engage angels is vital in the new era we have entered advancing the Kingdom Age.

In this session, you will learn about:

    • Three foundations of discernment (How to discern the truth)
    • Jesus: Commander-In-Chief of the armies Of Heaven
    • Angel Armies On Assignment by Tim Sheets
    • Angels: New dream, new team. Members of the team are angels.
    • How to open the eyes of your heart to angels

Lynn Hare is an award-winning author, speaker, and coach. She has written two books, including The Quest for Self-Forgiveness. She is the founder of LynnHare.com

She helps people overcome the anxiety of tough decisions with a clear head, peaceful heart, and confidence as they learn to hear God’s voice as well as helps businesses and ministries grow with Christian principles.

Lynn is a possibilitarian – someone who activates possibilities with hope-filled expectation!

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