ASK – What is your need?

14 May

“Just as a lighthouse serves as a guide to aid navigation through water (i.e. moving ships from one place to another), a coach serves as a guide to aid navigation through life by helping a person move from one place to another.” – Dr. Jerry Graham

“ASK, and it will be given to you” (Matthew 7:7a)

Are you looking for people, ideas, and resources to help fulfill your dream?

What is your need?

As mentioned in yesterday’s devotional, the Holy Spirit instructed me on May 10 to make the theme of this week’s devotionals “ASK, SEEK, KNOCK.” Specifically, my first devotional (sent yesterday) was to be titled “Ask, Seek, Knock,” the second one “Ask,” the third “Seek,” and the fourth “Knock.”

On May 2 while I was in New York City at the Provision Network Leadership Summit, people were assigned to groups of 8 for a profound roundtable exercise called “Seed and Need.” During this exercise, each person was given 3 minutes to share what they do (their seed) and what they need. After each person shared, others at the table would try to meet that need by connecting people, ideas, and resources.

What happened in 30 minutes was profound. I have never before experienced such divine provision – uncommon listening, generosity, and connecting – in this type of business group setting. Debra Smeltzer, one lady I met at our table, is the most anointed (good) seed sower I have ever met in my life. Cheryl Cooper Johnson, another lady from Jamaica originally, shared her heart to birth a Christ-centered Wellness Center in New York City. As a physician and life coach, Wellness and wholeness (Shalom) is what I’m all about. I learned that this type of “seed and need” exercise is a routine at monthly Provision Network Chapter meetings.

In response to my devotional on May 7 titled “Jesus’ Ministry – Prisoners,” Cheryl sent me a reply stating, “Thank you soooo….very much for these e-prayer devotionals!! They are truly a blessing. My husband and I sat at the same table with you. I am developing a Wellness Center( body, soul and spirit) for my Church. I would welcome resources that would assist me in this Ministry. What is your need?”

On Saturday May 10, I received the revelation “ASK” – Ask God one question each morning and BE A COACH, asking questions, in all my other relationships. So I wrote down, “LORD, what must I do TODAY to experience a breakthrough in the marketplace?” Then later that afternoon, I sent Cheryl a reply. As I re-read her email, her question “What is your need?” jumped out at me. It is so rare to find someone who asks you that question sincerely intending to help fill your need. That is what covenant relationships are about.

On Sunday morning May 11 (Mother’s Day, Pentecost Sunday, Global Day of Prayer), the Holy Spirit prompted me to email my Team Destiny partners to ask for their support in helping Cheryl fill her need to develop the Wellness Center in New York City.

On Monday morning May 12 while I was lying in bed resting and reflecting, I received the instruction to ask God, “What is my need?” After typing that in my journal, answers began flowing – godly things to do that day and this week. Breakthroughs began happening.

One breakthrough that I experienced is the panelists on today’s webinar at 2 PM EDT titled “UNCOMMON Internet Marketing Coaching.” If you are looking for people, ideas, and resources to help fulfill your dream, this is for you. Our exceptional group of panelists, includes:

1) Dr. Jerry Graham – one of the top LIFE Focus coaches in the world
2) Ben Stewart – one of the top Christ-centered business coaches in the world
3) Michael Stay – one of the top strategic planners in the world
4) Frankie Morea – more than 28 years of radio programming and leadership experience

If you aren’t available this afternoon, we will be repeating this webinar at 8 PM EDT on Thursday May 15. Our slogan at Webinars777 is “UNCOMMON coaching and connections – to impact the world for Jesus.” To learn more and register, visit today’s Link of the Day.

As Ben Stewart so beautifully states, “Our core values are to always give more than we receive. This is true whether we are coaching, consulting, or developing nutritional strategies for Wellness. We are firmly committed in our core that WELLNESS is not only a core value that all should and will want to share whether in business or personal lives.” ”

Prayer Power
Heavenly Father, we praise You as the God of Divine provision. We praise You as the Master Coach with the Master Plan. We celebrate ahead of time how You will connect people, ideas, and resources during today’s webinar. To You, be all glory, honor, and praise. Hallelujah! In Jesus name, we pray. Amen!

Link of the Day
FREE UNCOMMON Internet Marketing Coaching webinar – featuring Dr. Randy Peck, Dr. Jerry Graham, Ben Stewart, Michael Stay, and Frankie Morea

Your are also invited to participate in our second FREE webinar at Noon today titled “Discover, Release, and Maximize Your Potential.” I will be co-hosting this with Michael Stay and Frankie Morea. To learn more and register, CLICK HERE.

Blessings to express your need and have it filled!

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