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A Time and Place for Everything: 12 Biblical Precepts to Organize Your Home, Habits, and Heart

13 Sep

Do you know there are 12 biblical precepts that will help you redeem the time and reclaim lost territory – physical, emotional and spiritual? These 12 organizational precepts operated in the lives of the men and women in Scripture and were given for our instruction, to offer direction for our thoughts and behaviors. When we begin […]

When Angels Invaded My Space

06 Sep

Did you know that angels are still being used today? James Goll has received numerous encounters with angels throughout the years in which they have brought messages, guidance and revelation – almost always resulting in significant change. During this training you will learn: a) Various titles given to angels in scripture, b) The nature and […]

28 Days to Freedom

31 Aug

Freedom is something people all over the world aspire to enjoy. It is the freedom to live our lives as our heart desires. As GOD intended us to. But for many we find ourselves shackled in a prison of frustration and despair with no idea where to turn or go because everything we do seems […]