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The God Story in Ferguson, Missouri

18 Sep

People are being won to Christ through a very simple tool—friendship—real and authentic friendship shown by people who show up every weekend to show themselves friendly for the cause of Christ, to show the love of Jesus in practical ways. God is using people like Pastor Jose to reach people in Ferguson who had been […]

Obtaining God’s Favor

03 May

If you have a destiny to fulfill, prophecies you want to see realized, a calling that is beckoning you, or a vision or assignment that only you can complete, then you WANT the favor of the Lord! The solution to move faster or move in a new direction is to learn a new way! Whether […]

ASK – What is your need?

09 Mar

“Just as a lighthouse serves as a guide to aid navigation through water (i.e. moving ships from one place to another), a coach serves as a guide to aid navigation through life by helping a person move from one place to another.” – Dr. Jerry Graham “ASK, and it will be given to you” (Matthew […]

Webinars 777

09 Mar

Please Turn on Javascript Welcome! It’s no accident that YOU are here. Everything happens for a reason! Everything! God has brought you to be blessed to live the abundant life that Jesus promises! Do You want to live a life of adventure? Do you want to live your life on purpose? Do you want to […]

Trust Your Heart: Transform Your Ideas into Income

24 May

Marnie Pehrson is a best-selling author, speaker and online publicist who helps spiritually-minded entrepreneurs find their place in the world and deliver their messages online. She is the creator of the longest running content directory,, where you can promote your articles, press releases, information products, videos, audios and expertise. Marnie is also a wife […]