Crossroads Red – Moving in the Sounds of the New Glory Movement

24 Aug

Title: Crossroads Red – Moving in the Sounds of the New Glory Movement
Speaker: James Nesbit
Host: Dr. Joseph Peck
Panelists: Jamie Fitt, Jonathan Fitt
Date/Time: Wednesday, August 24, 2016 at Noon Eastern Time (New York)
Duration: 130 minutes


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Calling all worshipers to gather at the crossroads of America!!!

“Hit the crossroads of America, hit the crossroads of America, find the crossroads that I send you to, where the major intersections occur, the major intersections of the highways in the traffics of America and I say from that worship Me and all the roads that lead out of there will lead out with a glory movement.

I say I am calling you to a new glory movement. Go and gather and then regather and submit your gathering as I gather My people and give them the vision of who they are for the future. I say because you are free to hear Me I say be free to listen and worship in a way that will unlock the movements that I have in this land, saith the Lord.”

Crossroads RedChuck D. Pierce
Tribe Quantum Gathering June 3, 2016
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

It is time for the worshipers of America to gather at the Crossroads! This free webinar is for all those who have ears to hear the call to gather and regather at the crossroads, and worship in new ways.

In this Webinar you will discover:

  • Where we are in time, i.e. the Ayin decade, and the Jubilee season. and the unlocking of the New Glory Movement
  • Our eternal position in worship, how it unlocks the glory realm and the vision of who we are in the future
  • The meaning of the color ‘Red’ and its relationship to the crossroads assignment, and following word

“James, as you go and as you worship on those native lands you will learn to bring the teams and the sounds that are locked in the DNA of the people into the move of the kingdom. I send you forth to those divine intersections I send you forth to those sanctioned people that I have put in boundaries and I say you will be an unlocker of the sound of the land of America.”

Chuck D. Pierce
Tribe Quantum Gathering June 3, 2016
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


James Nesbit is founder of Prepare the Way Ministries, Tribe Quantuam, and James Nesbit Art. He has an an unusual ability to help the Body of Christ see and experience Heaven’s reality through the gift of art, music, and worship. Both C. Peter Wagner and Cindy Jacobs have said James is one of the leading prophetic artists in the earth today.

Joseph PeckBlessings to move in the sounds of the new Glory Movement!


Joseph Peck, M.D.
The Time Doctor
Empowering Dreams
Author, I Was Busy Now I’m Not

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