Discerning the Voice of the Lord

07 Nov

Learning to discern the voice of the Lord is like a baby learning to speak English.

The voice of the LORD is powerful, the voice of the LORD is full of majesty. (Psalm 29:4)

Is God talking to me?
Do I hear the Lord speaking to me?
How do I learn to tune into W-GOD?
When a strange but good thought passes through my mind, how do I know if it comes from God?

I apologize for my error in yesterday’s devotional concerning the start time for the community Thanksgiving service in Culpeper on Tuesday Nov 20. Pastor Randy Orndorff informed me the correct start time is 6:45 PM, not 7:00 PM.

Over the course of the next few days, I’ll be sharing part of a fantastic story that is unfolding.

Rick Heeren, author of The Elk River Story [http://citymiracles.com/en/books/the-elk-river-story.php], has an uncommon apostolic anointing to transform cities. Many times after I talk and pray with him, big things start happening and God expands my vision. For example, when Rick came to Culpeper in June 2007, Virginia Morton asked to meet with the two of us to discuss advancing the Marching Through Culpeper (MTC) movie project. Out of that conversation, a national weekly prayer conference call for MTC was birthed.

During the very first MTC prayer conference call on July 3, Virginia prayed for actor Robert (Bobby) Duvall, who I didn’t even know. Within 2 days, Virginia was connected to someone who knew him personally. Within a month, I had the opportunity to briefly meet Bobby and Luciana Duvall in person at their large horse farm.

Shortly after this, I hired Tim Shields as a subcontractor to help me plan and setup my first webinar for Rick Heeren. In the process of doing that, I learned that Tim was building a relationship with Ted Baehr. Tim asked Ted if he would be willing to host one of my webinars and he said “yes.” I had never heard of Ted and wasn’t familiar with Movie Guide. We prayed for Ted during a subsequent MTC prayer call.

Then, as shared in my November 1 devotional, God opened the door for me to spend 4 hours with Ted Baehr on October 25. To open my schedule and make me available for this uncommon opportunity, God allowed my computer to crash, putting me on an email sabbatical.

On November 5, Michael Stay and I drove to the Wingate hotel near the Richmond Airport to meet with Jerry and Sharon Graham for a strategic planning session. During our drive, Michael and I discussed how we might best bless Ted Baehr, his team, and his huge network of supporters. Before departing, I told Michael I’d email him a link to Ted Baehr’s biography.

So the next morning I did a Google search using ‘ “Ted Baehr” biography ’. Amazingly enough, the first link I visited had a photo of Ted Baehr handing Robert Duvall a Movie Guide award. Then I learned later that evening that Ted Baehr’s wife is from Argentina like Luciana, the wife of Robert Duvall. And Argentina is a detonator country for marketplace transformation for the world. Rick Heeren has been there 25 times. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Something big is brewing. The glory of God will be revealed.

Prayer Power
Jesus, You came as the Lamb of God 2000 years ago, but will return soon as the Lion of Judah. And on that fateful day, everyone – both living and dead – will be judged by the Word of God. And all those who are not covered by Your blood – who have not voluntarily submitted to Your Lordship – will perish in a lake of fire and be condemned to an eternity in hell – separated forever from the love of God. O, Lord have mercy! Open the eyes of understanding of those who read this message. Open their ears that they may hear You. Amen.

Link of the Day
Dr. Ted Baehr’s biography – with photo of Ted giving an award to Robert Duvall

Blessings to intentionally develop your ability to discern the voice of the Lord!

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