EGTJ: God Speaks, Part 2 (Week 6)

28 Apr

Experiencing God Through Journaling
Learn to recognize the voice of your heavenly Father and come to know Him as your dearest friend. He wants to give you Wisdom, Understanding, and Revelation For Every Area Of Your Life.

Title: God Speaks, Part 2 (Week 6)
Subtitle: Experiencing God Through Journaling (EGTJ)
Date/Time: Tuesday April 28, 2009
Hosts: Dr. Joseph Peck, Dr. Jerry Graham
Guest Panelist: Virginia Morton

Listen to audio recording of the webinar (70 minutes)

Listen to Virginia Morton’s amazing story (43 minute audio)


Description: This webinar is Week #3 in a 12-week series of webinars covering much of the material in Henry Blackaby’s book Experiencing God. You, your family, and your friends are invited to participate in this world-wide, online LIFE group.

What makes this LIFE group different than most, if not all, previous Experiencing God life groups around the world is that this one is online and integrates online journaling. Because it’s online, people from different countries will be able to interact live during each webinar. God is using this venue to build and unite a vibrant online community of disciples of Jesus.

Virginia MortonOur special guest this week was Virginia Morton, author of Marching Through Culpeper, a 500+ page, self-published Civil War novel that has sold more than 10,000 copies. Virginia has a national team praying and working together to have her book made into a major motion picture. Come hear Virginia’s amazing story.

Questions answered by Virginia Morton

  1. Where were you born and raised? Spiritual upbringing?
  2. When did you commit your life to Christ?
  3. What prompted you to write Marching Through Culpeper?
  4. When and how did we get connected?
  5. Tell us about the MTC movie project.
  6. What is your impression of 2-way journaling?

Coaching people to journal to hear God’s voice is my sweet spot. Now, I’d like to invite you to take a big step forward in fulfilling your destiny.

Blessings to CHOOSE to step into a LIFE of abundance!

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