Title: How To Hear From God conference
Special Guest: Pastor Ed Traut
Host: Pam Gould
Date/Time: Tuesday, September 5, 2017
Duration: 85 minutes



Are you ready to hear from God? Want to know HIS will for your life?

Discover God’s passion, purpose and will for your life today!

My good friend Pam Gould, owner of the Cornerstone Inn in Nashville, Indiana, hosted Prophet Ed Trout for a historic community event at The New Brown County History Center in Indiana on September 5.

In obedience to the Lord, Ed Trout moved his family from South Africa to San Antonio, Texas in 1998 where he founded Prophetic Life Ministry [https://propheticlife.com]. Ed is known for the accuracy and consistency with which the Lord leads him to impart life-changing personal and corporate prophecies. This, combined with a strong word based ministry and unique and lively teaching makes Ed, his books, and teaching materials widely popular both in the U.S. and abroad.

Dynamic Teaching from Pastor Ed Traut
This is a man that knows how to hear from God and has dedicated much of his time in ministry helping others hear from God as well.

Live Community Building Event
Whether you are able to join us in person at The Brown County History Center or simply watching the Live Stream coverage…we are building a community of people who are hungry for more of God.

One Body, One Lord
We love all the local churches in our communities AND we want to spread the goodnews that Christ is unifying His Church for something HUGE! We are the Body of Christ, not a denomination.


Prophet Ed Trout pastored for several years and later, started Prophetic Voice Ministries in South Africa. Ed’s true calling is not only to minister to the body of Christ through the personal prophetic word, but to train, equip and activate the prophetic gift in others through mentorship and teaching seminars; thereby creating an opportunity for the prophetic to grow and expand throughout denominations and cultures internationally.

Blessings be part of building a community of people who are hungry for more of God!


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