Hosting the Presence of God

03 Feb

Title: Hosting the Presence of God
Speaker: Phil Zaldatte
Host: Dr. Joseph Peck
Panelists: Lynne Lee
Date/Time: Wednesday, February 3, 2016 at 2 pm EST (New York)
Duration: 105 minutes



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God’s call for us is to love and honor others (Romans 12:10), to love our neighbors as we love ourselves (Matthew 22:39), and in everything we are to do for others as we would want them to do for us (Matthew 7:12). Unfortunately, they can be little more than slogans to put on the walls of our homes if we don’t embrace the Lord’s challenge to make these principles true in our lives.

When you peak into our homes, workplaces, driving spaces, politics, and churches, we find great wastelands of self-interest, rivalry, bitterness, division, gossip, and spite.

The truth is, honor has to be intentionally cultivated. Honor doesn’t just happen by accident but it is the result of intentionally living out a vision to lift up those around us.

During this teaching session, Phil will discuss:

Culture of Honor

  • Overview of honor
  • Truths About Honor
  • 3 Steps to build a Culture of Honor

Hosting the Presence of God

  • Pursue the Presence
  • Honor the Presence
  • Celebrate the Presence
  • Make A Place for His Presence

5 paradigm shifts essential for sustainable TRANSFORMATION to take place in your world

  1. The great Commission is about discipling nations, not just people
  2. The marketplace (or the heart of the nation) has already been redeemed by Jesus and now needs to be reclaimed by His followers.
  3. Labor is the premier expression of worship on earth and every believer is a minister.
  4. Our primary call is not to build the church, but to take the Kingdom of God where the kingdom of darkness is still entrenched in order for Jesus to build His church
  5. The premier social indicator that transformation has taken place in the earth is the elimination of systemic poverty.

From “Transformation: Change The Marketplace and You Change the World” by Ed Silvoso

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