I Was Busy, Now I’m Not

12 May

Title: I Was Busy, Now I’m Not (Introduction)
Facilitator: Lynne Lee
Speaker: Dr. Joseph Peck
Date: Thursday, May 12, 2011
Duration: 70 minutes
Cost: Free

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I Was Busy, Now I'm NotIf time seems to be in short supply or if you’ve had enough of feeling overwhelmed and you want to discover how to find time for what matters most, Lynne Lee and I warmly invite you to a no cost online webinar.

Amongst other things we will share 2 questions to ask yourself about TIME that have the potential to change your life forever!

Time is one of your most valuable possessions! It could be said that, “Time is your life.” When you waste your time, you are wasting your life.

I am passionate about coaching you to LEVERAGE your TIME and your life to enable you to accomplish far more than you ever thought possible!

During this webinar, we will share strategies that will help you to put First Things First:

  • 5 Simple Strategies to STEWARD Your Time well
  • 2 QUESTIONS about TIME that could change your life forever
  • And much more …

The purpose of this webinar is to help you develop HABITS that will help you to accomplish far more than you ever thought possible!

Blessings to learn HOW TO redeem your time!

P.S. “Nothing is more powerful than an IDEA whose time has come!” – Victor Hugo

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