Title: Ibex Ascending: It’s Time to Ascend
Facilitators: Joseph Peck, Shelli Miler
Speaker Ella Chirinos
Date/Time: Thursday, February 3, 2022 @ Noon Eastern

It’s time…

To ascend like the ibex and find our refuge in the high hills (Psalm 104:18).

The ibex, or wild mountain goat, ascends the hill of the Lord with purpose and determination to receive, envision, become, and go. Only under the shelter of the Most High, the ibex receives the essential minerals necessary to become all God has intended. They are willing to defy gravity to reach the place designed for their growth and return to the valley during winter when it’s time to share the Good News.

The ibex knows that the high mountains belong to the 100% pure and wild. Very few predators attempt to climb the steep, tall mountains. Yet, because the ibex is created for the cliffs, it propels them further into the Father’s heart. Their best defense comes from being covered in the glory from the Secret Place.

That’s why I was so excited (even more than that) to host Ella Chirinos as our special guest for the Empower Disciples session on February 3.

Ella is the author of the blog, Ibex Ascending. In August of 2021, she put digital ink to the screen and worked with the Holy Spirit to design a place of divine inspiration to go through the door that will forever change your life. Ella became the message of the Lord Jesus, walking through the valley of weeping and turning it into a place of springs (Psalm 84:6). She learned that each valley experience is a training ground for ascending the heights like the ibex. And the crucified life is the key to climbing like the ibex.

Ella’s powerful message will encourage you to embrace your current training-ground and obey the commands of Jesus (no matter what). With your heart steadfast in the Shadow of the Almighty, you’ll learn to become surefooted and nimble, climbing the heights as the 100% PURE AND WILD child of God you were created to be.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn how to embrace your valleys as training grounds
  • Discover that you were created to be 100% Pure and Wild in Jesus
  • Be encouraged to obey the commands of our King
  • Get inspired to walk through the door that will forever change your life
  • Gain insight into how the “simple things” amount to big changes
  • Become encouraged to surrender and ascend the heights

Doesn’t that sound exciting. Well, it is. Ella’s message will astound you and inspire you to climb to new heights you have never been before.

It’s time for a fresh perspective and new alignments in this new season.

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