Meet Jerry Graham, Ph.D.

07 Jul

Jerry received a Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Arkansas, and worked for Eastman Kodak for 25 years in various engineering and marketing positions. His desire to serve God led him to Regent University where he graduated with a Master of Divinity degree. He served as the Associate Pastor in a large charismatic church in Rhode Island, and has consulted with over 150 churches as a church growth consultant. These churches have ranged in size from under 50 to over 2,500 Sunday attendance. He has had several articles published by national and international publications and for many years was a Contributing Editor of Strategies for Today’s Leader magazine. Jerry has a Ph.D. from Christian Leadership Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Fuller Theological Seminary with a focus in church growth.  He served as Administrator and then as Director of Equipping and Assimilation for New Life Christian Fellowship, a church with multiple satellite congregations serving South Hampton Roads, Virginia. He most recently was the Executive Director of Vanguard Ministries, an apostolic network of churches and ministries headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA, and is now self-employed as a lifestyle coach and church/business consultant. He is a Lifeforming Leadership Coaching (formerly known as Transformational Leadership Coaching) Professional Certified Coach and Coach Trainer.  He and his wife also operate a highly successful home based business assisting others to achieve health and financial stability.


  • Professional, full-time coach (over 3,500 hours of paid coaching)
  • Professional Certified Coach and Coach Trainer for Lifeforming Leadership Coaching (formerly known as Transformational Leadership Coaching)
  • Adjunct Professor, Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA
  • Over 25 years in church and para-church leadership including several years as a professional church consultant
  • Over 25 years engineering and marketing experience in a Fortune 500 company
  • More than a two decades of successful experience as a networking entrepreneur

Coaching Distinctives

  • An Encouraging Word—Edification is a significant key to unlocking success and achievement.
  • A Listening Ear—Be heard as never before. (This coach has two ears and only one mouth.)
  • An Empowering Perspective—A fresh paradigm can propel one forward.
  • A Resource Guru—Four decades of professional experience and networking are included in every coaching relationship.
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    In addition to being my top coach and mentor over the past two years, Dr. Jerry Graham has proven to be my closest friend next to my wife. Oh, if everyone had a coach and friend like Jerry, the world would be so much better a place. As I’ve told Jerry on several occasions, he might well be the top Christ-centered Destiny coach in the world.

    Dr. Randy Peck, Founder of Empower 2000, Coaching 777, Journal 777, and Team Destiny

    “Jerry is a very insightful coach with particular giftings in the area of listening, paraphrasing problems for clarification, and strategically summarizing a next step plan. Jerry’s non-threatening approach would be good for mediation opportunities, consulting, and one-on-one life coaching.”

    Blake Fite, Director of Sales, EFT Corporation, Chesapeake, VA

    “Jerry was my coach in the TLC Implementation course. My coaching skills were greatly enhanced by both the course and by Jerry’s personal coaching. In addition, my life and marriage were also helped by his life experiences and willingness to address other personal issues that affect the coaching relationship. He has the coaching skills that are necessary to help people grow, especially in the area of coaching. He is approachable, flexible, knowledgeable, and he can bring needed accountability to the things that are being worked on in an effective and friendly way. He was able to develop my own coaching skills in an effective way, and in my opinion, Jerry would be a great help to anyone seeking to enhance their coaching skills.”

    Ed Mercier, Virginia Beach, VA

    “Earlier this year I lost my job. In the interim, I found myself spending more time searching for a job and less time searching for God. Previously, I had a good devotional and prayer time, but the pressures of the job search and finding temporary employment were consuming my time and altering my priorities. It was at this critical time that Jerry offered to coach me through this spiritually dry time. Even though we live a long distance apart, we spent several sessions on the phone assessing the problem and locating the source. Through prayer and discussion, he was then able to recommend some very practical and useful courses of action that helped me to get my priorities aligned. After learning from his experience and crafting a week-by-week plan, I was able to get back to this important spiritual discipline. We spent one hour per week on the phone to discuss my progress and any questions I had. The result of my coaching experience with Jerry has been a closer walk with God and a deeper understanding of the next steps of God’s will for my life and ministry.”

    Rev. John Dorsch, Church Planter, Bel Air, VA

    “One of the first things I look for in any meaningful relationship is integrity. Jerry demonstrated that so many times to me. Right from the start of our coaching relationship his honesty as well as his transparency set the ground work for me to be open and vulnerable with him. And I always felt he respected my openness. Each meeting we had together allowed me to examine heartfelt issues, issues such as life purpose, calling, passion and desires, spiritual formation, character development, and several other key areas of my life. Being in higher education for over thirteen years definitely influenced my life journey and the stage of life I’m in. However, it was my relationship with him that crystallized and confirmed what God was already showing me. It was in our relationship that I truly “heard” where God was directing me. I believe every person should have this opportunity and I know Jerry generously invested his life in me. I am so grateful for the passion and zeal he brought to the overall coaching experience. I knew each meeting we had together would always be meaningful, challenging, and rewarding and for this, I walk away more of what it means to walk in one’s calling. I pray others will have the same privilege I had.”

    Justin Agoglia, Founder, Skylar Design, Huntington, NY

    “I wholeheartedly recommend Jerry for lifestyle coaching. During my time with Jerry, he has been able to discern important issues quickly and help me work through them with grace and insight. He has also challenged me to become more than I thought possible. Being coached by Jerry was far better than my expectations. I was not only given tools to enrich my life, but I was able to have someone walk with me implementing them and giving valuable input so that the changes become a lifestyle change, and not just a temporary fix.”

    Rev. Keith Edwards, CD/HM Director, Potomac District Assemblies of God, Gainesville, VA

    “It gives me great joy to recommend Dr. Jerry Graham to you as a life coach. Jerry has been my coach and friend for the past year, and because of his wisdom and effectiveness as a coach, I have made tremendous strides in my own personal development. In the coaching arena, Jerry is truly a master at work. As I have studied under him, he has inspired me to pursue coaching as a profession myself. Jerry is a man that I am proud to call an exemplary role model. I do my best to emulate his skillful use of coaching techniques and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.”

    Rev. Kevin Mahaffy, Youth Pastor, Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle, Smithtown, NY and author of What Would You Do?

    “For many years I have known that much of my life purpose is connected to Christian ministry. It was easy for me to give myself to over five years of study and preparation for this calling. But at the close of my seminary graduate studies I was struggling with decisions about where to go and what to do. For a long time I had been certain that my ministry endeavors were to be focused upon para-church ministry only and not local church ministry. I even thought I was sure about where and when. But inside I was confused and unable to sort through the choices before me. It was during this time that I started with Jerry. He helped me to examine desires and issues in my life that I had never taken the time to think deeply about. I was able to put on paper my life dreams and many other crucial things that helped me to decide about the future. To my surprise, shortly after beginning the coaching program, I began to realize that I was actually more fitted to local church ministry, at least at that time in my life, than I was to para-church ministry. My life was about to change dramatically following the TLC Life Focus program with Jerry. Within a few months I accepted a position as a fulltime pastor, and quickly discovered that the arrangement was an exact fit.”

    Rev. Nathan Sanders, Pastor, Federalsburg, MD

    “I am a university business professor, and Jerry has coached me for several months. His strongest traits as a coach are:
    He is extremely well-organized, always prepared, extremely diligent, even-keeled, patient, and very positive.
    He is highly dedicated to coaching as a profession, and spends a great deal of time developing his craft through training, reading, practicing, and seeking valid feedback.
    He has a wealth of experience both in the corporate world and in ministry; and he draws effectively on this background because he is a person who clearly grows through both the good and bad that he experiences.
    He has a huge heart, genuinely cares about others, and is committed to being a positive influence on them.
    Because of these, I think Jerry has been able to give me extremely valuable insight and encouragement. I highly recommend him to you as a coach and have no doubt that he will quickly demonstrate his value to you in that capacity.”

    Dr. Randy Case, Associate Professor of Management, Graduate School of Business, Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA

    “I have known Jerry for almost two years and during that time I have come to appreciate his expertise in the field of church growth and human giftings. During this time he has also served as my coach while I went through various employment options while attending Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia. His encouragement, transparency, and dedication were an inspiration to me. His ability to ask questions prompted me to reevaluate some of my paradigms and readjust my goals in order to flow with the vision that I felt was my destiny. He continues to be approachable and sincere. It is his desire to want the very best for my life, and he is coaching me to reach for the best that God has for me.”

    Rev. Wayne Beuchler, Associate Pastor, New Life Christian Fellowship at Indian River, Chesapeake, VA

    “Dr. Jerry Graham was my coach during the Life Focus section of Transformational Leadership Coaching. It was at a crucial time in my life, as I was ending one career and beginning another in a different country. Dr. Graham asked questions that applied to the ending of a thirty year career and the coming changes that would affect my life in the new career. The questions made me think about my relationships and how I could apply my life and character to my changing environment. I appreciate Dr. Graham’s insights and openness during that crucial time. He continues to assist me in areas when I need assistance and guidance. He is a valuable asset and I recommend him to assist you in the changing areas in your life.”

    Willie Strickland, Missionary to Peru

    “Jerry was my Coach for one year as I went through the certification process of becoming a Coach myself. Throughout that year, I was able to really get familiar with Jerry’s effective approach to Coaching. One of the things I appreciated most about Jerry was his willingness to fully listen to me. He always appeared to be very patient and to completely tune into my inner most thoughts and concerns. He then would gently guide me into areas of continued growth. Lastly, Jerry provided warm and positive encouragement throughout our Coaching relationship which really helped me to achieve my goals. I personally consider Jerry as one of the best Coaches in the field and I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

    Wyatt Fisher, Founder of Gold Key Coaching, Longmont, CO

    “Dr. Jerry Graham was my coach through the Transformational Leadership Coaching certification program I recently completed at Regent University. His kind heart and sharp mind permeated all he did for me over those ten months. Working with him made the course work so much more enjoyable and valuable for me and I am a better coach because of it. I especially appreciated how he encouraged me to develop my writing skills while I was going through a major job transition in my life. I sense that writing is to be a bigger and bigger part of my life in the future. His encouragement for me to write during a coaching call really helped me move in that direction.”

    Rev. Bob Fox, Mission America and Lighthouses for Prayer, Chesapeake, VA

    “It was a very enabling experience to have Jerry coach me. He acknowledged my personal gifts while constantly positioning himself as a resource of useful information and perspective. I was astonished at how many times he offered a fresh, confidence-inspiring way of looking at issues that bewildered me, or knew just the resource to jump-start my confused inertia. He has particularly useful gifts for making one’s coaching a professional, marketable business, a skill that many of us who live in the Christian subculture have lost the heartiness for. I am much more confident, systematic, focused and aggressive in my personal calling after being coached by Jerry.”

    Diana Gonzales, TLC Master Coach, Chesapeake, VA

    “I first became acquainted with Jerry in January 2002 through the Transformational Leadership Coaching program at Regent University. Jerry was my coach for the TLC program. My relationship with him grew and became genuine during our interaction. Jerry is a charismatic, loving, and outstanding person. He has truly been gifted by God to communicate effectively and compassionately with people. Coaching is what I feel is his calling. Jerry has helped me to discover who I am in Christ, which has enabled me to better understand my design and calling. I attribute my personal growth in the TLC program to my coach. I also believe that I had the best TLC Coach at Regent University. I will always treasure and cherish our newfound relationship. I thank God for placing Jerry and Sharon in my life. Jerry possesses the dynamic character attributes of being open and honest about his life experiences, and I found him to be respectful, trustworthy, loving, caring, and sharing as a leader that models Christ.”

    Rev. Danny Mott, Associate Pastor, Mt. Jezreel Baptist Church, Silver Spring, MD

    “I was introduced to coaching at a conference I attended in January of 2003. Soon thereafter I decided to pursue coaching certification through Transformational Leadership Coaching. I spent the greater part of the year being coached through the program by Dr. Jerry Graham. In my opinion I could not have had a better coach. Jerry is simply a great coach. I remember one particular situation where I found myself being frustrated because it seemed I couldn’t get past a particular barrier. I called him, and through his guidance, found what it was that was causing the frustration and could then move forward. I said to Jerry at the time, “It was like a light bulb moment.” I highly recommend Jerry to anyone looking for a wonderful coaching experience. He is very knowledgeable and professional, but above all he is very personable and caring. My experience with Jerry as my coach was very rewarding.”

    Rev. Jeff Sarine, Director of Small Groups and Program Ministries, Mt. Zion United Methodist Church, Bel Air, MD

    “I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and am so glad I knew of Jerry’s respected reputation as a good friend-of-a-friend and a well-relied-upon church consultant before I started with TLC. I am even more grateful Jerry had the time and agreed to personally coach and train me, so that I could develop coaching as a second profession. Of all the coaches in TLC, I can’t imagine anyone better for me than him. Jerry is first and foremost a man of excellent Christian character and a top-notched professional. He is mature in wisdom and has an excellent blend of skill, grace, and humor. Jerry also has a very fine understanding of the values and principles of coaching, and knows how to encourage as well as gently “hold your feet to the fire” to help assure you get done what it is you need to get done, whether it is in a personal or professional growth area of your life. He has everything you could need in a coach. He is experienced, intelligent, good-natured, and fun. Most of all, he will help you succeed, whether in your own personal “as needed” growth goals or in becoming a coach yourself. Jerry loves coaching and seems to have been made for it. The words I would use to most describe Jerry as a coach and trainer are reliable and professionally excellent.”

    Jerry E. Park, L.P.C., Virginia Beach, VA

    “It is with great pleasure that I recommend Dr. Jerry Graham as a coach to others who desire to become transformed leaders. The experience of being transformed has changed my way of doing ministry and how I approach those who also minister. The manner in which he conducted our sessions was both enlightening and liberating. I was able to experience the benefits of a coach who cared and who also had the conviction that I could become the leader that God created me to be. Leadership has become a life-giving call in my life. I now see that as I serve the people of God, and instill in them the principles of coaching, that their lives can become the expression of God’s love. The knowledge that Jerry imparted to me was without measure. He was able to coach as a skilled leader who sees the potential of another’s ability to lead. And, in the times that we live, more leaders, with his care, compassion, and conviction are needed because a young leader needs the relationship of one who has the skill to help bring their gifts to the point of bearing much fruit. I am thankful that Dr. Graham believed in me and in the principles of coaching. It is now my goal to impart to others that gift which has been imparted to me.”

    Rev. Walter E. Bryant, Sr. Pastor, Mount Pisgah Baptist Church, Tanners, VA

    “Dr. Jerry Graham was my Transformational Life Coach/Trainer with Regent University from May to December, 2003. Dr. Graham is an authentic, competent, and experienced master coach and he is also a sage. I recommend Dr. Graham, without reservation, as a professional coach and trainer for any church, institution, corporation, or organization.”

    Rev. Keith E. Rolle, D.Min., President, Rolle Apostolic Ministries, San Antonio, TX

    “I recommend Dr. Jerry Graham as a skilled, concerned, and personable coach who specializes in working with pastors and Christian leaders. I have personally experienced working with Jerry in a coaching relationship and found him to possess great skill and insight along with significant personal experience in ministry leadership. When you work with Jerry, you will gain great insight and are sure to be encouraged! Jerry has the unique ability to speak the truth in candor and yet convey information in a gracious nonthreatening way. He will hold you accountable with gentle persistencebut never make you feel condemned. You will find him accessible, responsive, and prompt to reply to your questions and concerns. I recommend Jerry without reservation!”

    Rev. J. Gary Butler, Director, Potomac Park Camp (Assemblies of God), Falling Waters, WV

    “I am grateful to have been coached by Jerry for the past year as I have found great benefits personally. It has resulted in growth in many areas of my life. His coaching has assisted me in keeping on track in both ministry and personally. In ministry, the program has helped to keep me focused in particular areas of weakness. I have personally seen a turnaround in my physical health. This was one of my areas of concern in the very beginning of the program. I had no idea that coaching would help me in this particular issue that I had been concerned about for some time. I am truly grateful for his wisdom and loving compassion.”

    Rev. Joe Bougher, Associate Pastor, Moyock Assembly of God, Moyock, NC

    “Jerry’s active listening and powerful questioning made me able to articulate my feelings and thoughts better, as well as explore new perspectives for my personal development. The way Jerry conducts his coaching let me know that I do have a friend and a partner for life.”

    Rev. Carlos Hernandez, Founder, Cedelid, El Salvador

    “It has been my pleasure to be served by Dr. Jerry Graham as my Coach since January, 2003. It was then that I began the process of certification with Transformational Leadership Coaching. From the first phone call, I knew that not only was the paradigm of coaching world class, but that Jerry was as well. He incarnates the values of coaching by living in congruence with his professed values. I have felt respected, supported and encouraged in every interaction with him. Jerry has been punctual and reliable for our coaching sessions, and available for incidental contacts. When the chips are down in difficult situations, I don’t hesitate to share with him and ask his input. He has never failed to be understanding, gracious and supportive. Often he challenges me to higher levels of functioning in my numerous life roles. I highly recommend Jerry as a coach. Though it may sound like a cliché, I can truly say that my life has been transformed through my coaching relationship with him. I expect that you will enjoy the same results.”

    Jeff Williams, Chief Operating Officer, Marriage Savers International, Germantown, MD

    “Jerry has been a fantastic coach. He has helped me to identify patterns in my life that have caused me, up to this point, to not reach my peak performance. He has a spirit of encouragement and challenge. He knew the right questions to ask at just the right time. My experience with Jerry will be a defining moment in my life. I left each coaching appointment with renewed hope and inspiration to accomplish my life purpose.”

    Rev. Ken Gosnell, Founder, KenSalt Coaching, Walkersville, MD

    “This letter comes in the form of a recommendation on the behalf of Dr. Jerry Graham. It is hoped that you will find this letter affirming your interest in his services as a Coach. I began my training as a Transformational Leadership Coach at Regent University’s School of Divinity in January of 2003 until December 2003. Dr. Graham served as my coach during this entire period. Decisions I needed to make in my life were extremely crucial and time-sensitive at this time. It was during this time that he coached me. I must admit the coaching phenomena was new to me, although it has been around for years. I gleaned, received, learned and benefited from his expertise. Just to mention a few items he helped me with is unimaginable. The fact that he provided a confidential atmosphere, exuded transparency of heart, encouraged goal setting, and professional development in accordance with my personal core values was beyond reproach. Today, I am a coach, and I enjoy helping others. I used some of the principles he helped me with on my daily radio program which covers a listening area of 1.5 million people. These items are only a “tenth” of what he provided to me and my fellow graduate students and pastors. It is my position that every person needs a personal coach. Every student needs a coach. Every pastor needs a coach. I am convinced that Dr. Jerry Graham serves as a “radiant example” of coaching in its “finest form.” Need a REAL, sincere genuine person who embodies coaching? Then look no further.”

    Rev. Randle Dixon, Redemptive Life Christian Fellowship, Virginia Beach, VA

    “I am happy to have the opportunity to recommend Dr. Jerry Graham as a coach to potential clients. First, he has a God-given heart for coaching. His heart’s desire is to come alongside people to partner with them in fulfilling their destinies in Christ. His desire is to see them succeed. Second, he has made a commitment to coaching as a way of life and leadership development. Third, having made that commitment, he has become a student of coaching. He has acquired a broad knowledge of practical coaching techniques that increase his coaching effectiveness. He consistently seeks to broaden and deepen his knowledge of coaching, and to sharpen his skills in the practice of coaching. This combination of a heart for coaching, a heart for his clients, a knowledge of coaching, and the wisdom gained from coaching experience, makes him well qualified to serve his clients. I recommend him as a coach without reservation.”

    Rev. Royal Cutler, Virginia Beach, VA

    “As my coach, Dr. Jerry Graham exhibited the following qualities that helped me grow and learn:
    – sensitivity: he was always sensitive to my situation, eager to share with my joy, symphatetic with my struggles and challenges at my workplace
    – listening skills: he had total commitment to hear what I had to say, picking up nuances and clues in our conversations
    – authenticity: he was open and transparent in presenting himself to me
    – affirming: his affirming way motivated me to grow and learn
    – gentleness: his gentle way created a conducive environment to learn
    – challenging/motivating: he never failed to look for opportunities to challenge and motivate me to excel and grow”

    Teck Boon Lim, Director of Operations, Transformational Leadership Coaching, Virginia Beach, VA

    “I want to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Jerry Graham for coaching me. It has been a transforming experience. He was very supportive and encouraging through all of our coaching sessions. The many elements of my life came together in a new wholeness and gave me a new direction that has brought new meaning and purpose to my life. I have served the church locally and internationally for thirty years. I count his coaching me as a highlight in my life. I pray that he will continue to coach many others who want to move forward in life. Thank you!”

    Rev. Wade Hankins, Blue Springs, MO

    “I’ve had the privilege of being coached by Dr. Jerry Graham for the past year. Jerry has been a wonderful coach challenging me to be at my best while giving support and encouragement. I attribute much of my personal growth to the relationship we’ve established. He has made the difference for me in clarifying direction, overcoming obstacles and finishing strong. Though we are thousands of miles apart geographically and several years apart in age, I consider Jerry to be a friend, mentor, and co-laborer in Christ. I appreciate his willingness to listen, give feedback, and open up the doors of possibility. In short, Jerry has been a catalyst for change. I thank the Lord for the call that He has put on Jerry’s heart to engage with others in their growth and development.”

    Rev. Ron Marsh, Founder, Purpose Filled Life Coaching, Scotts Valley, CA

    “Jerry was my coach for several months and in reflection upon that time I can think of a number of pivotal moments that continue to bring tremendous return into my life. In the areas of my skills, finances and simple life perspective, Jerry asked powerful questions which helped shape this exciting new season of my life.”

    Dr. Brian P. Simon, Founder, International Coaching Network, Virginia Beach, VA

    “When I stepped into my coaching relationship with Jerry, life for me felt like a sail boat being pushed by the wind but lacking a keel to provide stability and a compass to offer any clear sense of direction. I struggled with some of the biggest questions in life. Questions like: “Who am I?” “Why am I really here?” and “What does God want for my life?” Like Bob Buford in his book Halftime says, I was at that place where I wanted my life to be significant more than successful. Working through the coaching process with Jerry helped me discover the unique me that God made me to be. In that journey I have found the confidence to live out my design with great assurance that I am made for a purpose. I have come to understand that God¹s best for me is for me! Together Jerry and I took a sail through my past and into my future. On this voyage I discovered that the voice in my head saying, “Who do you think you are?” is not God¹s. I now have a clearer awareness of what God is calling me to and a passion to hoist the main sail and enjoy the ride. There is much to discover and enjoy, and I am aware that there will be storms but the compass and keel are sure. For God has not given me a spirit of fear but of power and of love and self-discipline (2 Tim. 1:7).”

    Rev. Mark Haug, High School Pastor, Seneca Creek Community Church, Germantown, MD

    “I appreciate Jerry’s heart for people. The Love of the Father shines through him as a motivating core value in his coaching. I appreciated his patience and understanding as he walked me through 11 months of life change. I have marked him as one of the top influencing forces in my life. His ministry is having an impact on eternity by effecting change today.”

    Todd Putnam, Owner, Framing Resource, Portland, OR

    “At a difficult time of transition in my life, Jerry Graham’s coaching was exactly what I needed. In the stability and confidentiality of the coaching session, I was able to confront my fears and perplexities. Jerry helped me affirm my faith in God’s love, grace, and sovereignty. Thus, instead of continuing to dwell on the hurts of the past, I am now energized to embrace and enjoy the challenges of today and tomorrow. I am deeply grateful for Jerry’s encouragement, discernment, gentleness, and wisdom.”

    Karen Gearreald, Ph.D., J.D., Braille Music Advisor to the Library of Congress, Norfolk, VA

    “As a coach trainer, Jerry Graham partnered with me as I navigated the leadership coach training process. He did so with great skill, great wisdom, and most importantly, the heart of a coach. He would consistantly draw the best out of me through genuine support, encouragement, and accountabilty. With Jerry, I knew it was about God’s work in my life, rather than simply completing a program.”

    Paul Johnson, Coach, Trainer, Consultant to CBMC Inc., St. Paul, MN

    “Thank you for your time and incredible insight through these last four months. Through our coaching relationship you have helped me reconnect with my values and see more clearly the paths for our ministry. It has truly been transformational for myself, family, and our church community.”

    Rev. John O. McCloud, Lead Pastor, Renaissance Community Church, Chesapeake, VA

    “Working with Jerry Graham has been a huge blessing. Running a small non-profit means I have to do many different tasks as there aren’t really many employees. Add to this trying to finish up a masters degree and I was sinking more often than staying afloat. Jerry helped me to organize and prioritize. My productivity levels have gone through the roof! Thank you, Jerry”

    Rev. Robert Hartzell, Director, Fountains of Life, Atlantic Beach, FL

    “I would like you to know that one of the reasons I decided to pick you as my coach was the question you asked me during the complimentary coaching session. You asked me to reflect on how I became a fulltime pastor. You encouraged me to examine if my involvement in fulltime pastoral ministry was based on what God spoke to me or what my denomination wanted. Without knowing it, you spoke concerning an issue that I had struggled with for 10 years. I had not been able to make a decision in spite of having a mentor and speaking to pastoral counsellors. Working with you has helped me to have a clear understanding of the ministry that God has called me into and the courage to pursue it. I am convinced that God wants me to be in workplace ministry and coaching. With your help I have been able to work out the basic building stones for the ministry. I know it is not going to be an easy road to travel but I am encouraged to go for it. I have submitted my final draft of my D.Min.Dissertation with the hope of graduating in April 2008. Thank you for your help.”

    Rev. Lana Adeleye-Olusae, Founder, Surefooting Coaching & Consulting, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

    “After receiving my Christian Life Coaching certification (it was not from Transformational Leadership Coaching*) I did not feel adequately prepared to begin coaching and to set up my practice. After attending a teleclass featuring Tony Stoltzfus and then reading Tony’s book Leadership Coaching: The Disciplines, Skills and Heart of a Christian Coach, I decided to contact Tony for a Coach Trainer recommendation. Tony highly recommended Dr. Jerry Graham. I believe this was a divine connection.

    When Jerry and I spoke, I explained my situation and he was willing to help me. I have learned more working with Jerry, utilizing resources off of and various books that Jerry has recommended than I did through my coach training program. Jerry is a wealth of wisdom not only in the coaching arena, but spiritually and how God would want us to live our life.

    Working with Jerry it is evident that he is very knowledgable and experienced in the coaching field. He has seen the coaching field evolve over the past 10+ years. He is actively learning and keeping up with the latest in Social Networking and Marketing. He has introduced me to a whole new world (FaceBook, Squiddo, Digg, Blogging…) and avenue of marketing myself that I probably would not have utilized effectively or discovered on my own.

    Jerry is always willing to share his experience and perspective to help his clients in any way that he can. He truly is a giver of his time, knowledge, and himself. He honestly has his client’s best interest at heart. I was reading an article today from Mark Victor Hansen about Discovering Your Life’s True Purpose. One of his suggestions is to seek out a mentor and figure out who you would most like to emulate. Jerry is one of those people I would most like to emulate.

    Thank you, Jerry, for being my Coach Trainer, mentor, and friend. God has truly blessed me through you and for that I am forever grateful.”

    Shelley Grieser, Christian Life Coach (, Superior, CO