Lighthouse Christian Academy

03 Dec

Title: Lighthouse Christian Academy
Main presenter: Donna Andes
Panelists: Steve Kelsay, Lou Schwieters, Dr. Bobbie Miller, Rick Groux, Lee Anne Orndorff
Facilitator: Dr. Joseph Peck
Date: Tuesday, Nov 3, 2013
Duration: 73 minutes

The live webinar is now over.

CLICK HERE to watch the video replay.

“You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.” (Matthew 5:14)

We need innovative high schools.

Ten years ago, the LORD planted a desire in Donna Andes’ heart to start a new school with an innovative approach to education to raise up a new generation of thought leaders to impact the world.

The education at the Lighthouse Christian Academy combines home schooling principles, parental training, and mentoring by senior citizens in basic life skills.

Students become balanced spiritually, academically and socially and learn to live moral lives. They know who they are and whose they are. They are in touch with their life purposes, callings, and dreams.

These students become creative entrepreneurs spawning new businesses, ministries, inventions, and technologies that provide solutions to political, economic, and social problems. They are recognized as a valuable source of wise counsel to business, education, government, and media leaders.

Blessings to see much good come from this!

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