Member Update: 2009-05-04

04 May

JIREH Marketing is marketing by and for Jehovah JIREH. When you fully grasp that and learn to combine Journaling (to hear God’s voice) + Coaching (for support, encouragement, and accountability) + Web 2.0 (relationship marketing), you will experience explosive Kingdom impact! Guaranteed!

Every week, I see extraordinary Kingdom connections happen as our JIREH Marketing teammates work together to support one another to advance the Kingdom of God. I’m blown away by what our heavenly Father is doing. There is only one place in the Bible that talks about “great grace” and that is Acts 4:31-25. That is how God wants our team to function – to be in one accord, of one mind and one spirit. Your success is my success and vice versa.

Thank you to those of you who are participating in at least one of our webinars each week. I’m seeing the most fruit in the lives of those people who are staying connected. The best place to check for our schedule of upcoming webinars and teleseminars is at Please register early and let your family and friends know too.


Dr. Jerry Graham begins his 6-week Destiny course at 3 pm EDT on Wed May 6. This is huge. He will be coaching 15 people to propel them into their destinies. Three of our JIREH Marketing members are blessed to be participating, including Lynne Lee (U.K.), Renato Amato (Italy), and Georgia Willis (USA). Please pray for much eternal fruit.

All 4 JIREH Marketing webinars we hosted last week were awesome. Jesus told me several times while journaling in 2008 that webinars were my forte, but it wasn’t until 2009 that I developed a system to allow me to host numerous webinars each week. Jesus also told me, “Webinars are seminars (and teleseminars) on steroids.” Years ago, marketing studies proved that retention was at least 2-3 times higher when people could see in addition to hear. That makes sense of course. Be sure to read a short synopsis about each webinar below.

For the past 3 weeks, I’ve been talking about Affiliate Marketing. In preparation for her webinar on April 28 about this subject, Lynne Lee put together an outstanding blog post titled “Internet Marketing First Steps” which includes numerous outstanding affiliate links for products and services she has tested and recommends. Lynne’s post about this topic is spectacular. See

Our private Member site is advancing by leaps and bounds. Jerry and I are both adding new posts and valuable links several times each week. There is a new page under Resources called “Cool Tips of The Week.” It’s a compilation of Cool Tips from each week to make it easy for you to find and remember important information to help you with your marketing. Check it out and be sure to visit your Member site at least 1-2 times each week.

I suggest you read my post titled, “The Single Most Important Thing You Need Before You Start Doing Any Kind Of Publicity Or Promotion.”

Incidentally, JIREH Members now have access to Notes, PowerPoints, and downloadable Mp3 files for our recorded webinars. If you have suggestions for other links to add or questions for our team to address, please email me. We want your input and feedback.

The Grand Opening for our interactive Journaling Cafe is 3 pm EDT on Thursday May 7 at 3 pm EST. Through at least June 30, JIREH Members will have free access to that private Member site. For others, the cost to join this Cafe will be $27/month during May and $37/month after.

Nothing is more important than learning to hear God’s voice. When people perceive (God’s voice), believe (it’s really God), and obey, they will begin experiencing the abundant life that Jesus promises. Strategic journaling will give people confidence to share their God stories, products, and services with the world. There is POWER in a testimony, but first it must be shared.

Internet Marketing First Steps: This blog post that Lynne Lee wrote in preparation for her Affiliate Marketing webinar on April 28 is simply the best I have ever seen on the subject. On Lynne’s post, she has more than 50 affiliate links for outstanding products and services. Not only will you benefit from using these yourself, but you can earn substantial affiliate fees yourself by referring others you want to bless. Lynne has done the homework for all of us. Seize this opportunity. See


1) Affiliate Marketing on April 28
Lynne Lee’s teaching for the Affiliate Marketing webinar on April 28 was simply the best Jerry or I had ever been exposed to. The Lord has really blessed Lynne to be an extremely gifted teacher. See

2) Experiencing God Through Journaling: ;Week 6 – God Speaks, Part 2 on April 28
27 people registered to hear Virginia Morton’s story on the Experiencing God Through Journaling webinar on April 28. I’ve listened to Virginia’s story several times now. Wow!. See

3) Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft on April 29
My wife and I both listened to Georgia Willis Fauber share about “Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft” during her webinar on April 29. Julia’s immediate response after was, “Let’s sign up. We need to get an affiliate link for that right away.” See

4) The Birth Of Healing Broken Hearts In Italy on April 30
Thursday April 30 was a historic day. It was “The Birth of Healing Broken Hearts in Italy.” This was our first bilingual webinar (English and Italian). Renato and Patrizia Amato were our guests. We had 24 people pre-register, including 12 Italians and 1 person from Hungary. During a Skye call with Renato Amato on April 23, he prophetically said, “We are building a bridge between America and Europe!” Lynne Lee and Renato are leading the way in this intercontinental bridge building. As a result of this webinar, Renato and Patrizia plan to have their own webinars in Italian every other week starting Thursday May 14. Renato asked to interview me for his first one. See



We have 3 JIREH Marketing webinars scheduled for this week and 3 for the week after. I’m just including a few highlights for each webinar here. For more details and to register for any of these, please see

A) A Hope Filled Future with Guest Panelist Shelley Grieser
Date/Time: Tuesday, May 5 at 11 am EDT
Short Description: Your Marriage May Have Ended, but Your Life is Not Over!

B) EGTJ: Week 7 – The Crisis Of Belief with Guest Panelist Nasir Iqbal from Pakistan
Date/Time: Tuesday, May 5 at 8 pm EDT
Short Description: Our special guest this week is Rev. Nasir Iqbal, a Palelstinian with an amazing story of salvation and miraculous healing from coma, near-death, and paralysis after beign robbed and beaten over the head with a metal rod. Dr. Paul Crouch, Sr, founder of the Trinty Broadcast Network, says, “Nasir’s testimony will thrill you, inspire you, and build faith in you. If I had a church, I would be on the phone getting Brother Nasir on his way and I’d have a miracle healing service, bring the sick, and the afflicted, the stetcher cases, and the wheel chairs.”

C) The Grand Opening Of The Journaling Cafe
Date/Time: Thursday, May 7 at 3 pm EDT
Finally! Finally! Finally! The Journaling Cafe is opening. Jesus has taught me how to hear His voice through two-way journaling and now He’s inviting YOU to learn too. But not only that, the LORD is inviting to be part of this world-wide journaling community.


Blessings for favor with God and man!

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  1. Camille Gallinger March 11, 2012 at 8:14 pm #

    Good afternoon,

    I have listened to some of your webinars and received your emails. I had attempted to sign up for your journaling course but had a question to which I emailed you at as instructed on but I received a bounceback email that said it was not in working order. This, along with the old dates on several of the sites really confused me so I did not sign up for anything. Is it possible to update the sites (correct the dates_ so we can understand what and when to sign up for.

    Thank you,

    Camille Gallinger, CN

    • Dr. Joseph Peck March 12, 2012 at 7:49 pm #

      Thanks Camille for your interest and persistence. I’m sorry about the confusion with the incorrect email address and missing dates for the UNCOMMON Journaling For Divine Destiny coaching program. I sent you a separate email letting you know more about that. Here is the link to a landing page with more info about this coaching program – Blessings, Joseph

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