Speaker: Donica Hudson
Facilitator: Joseph Peck, M.D.
Date: May 18, 2023, 2 pm Eastern

AMERICA IS IN A COSMIC GLOBAL CONFLICT where every dominant world power conspires to see her fall as the world leader economically and militarily. This will only happen if she is spiritually defeated. Consequently, the battle to take her down intensifies.

Fueled with global elite money, homegrown terrorist groups like antifa and Black Lives Matter burn Bibles, American flags, and buildings; America’s Constitution is labeled racist, mainstream media stokes hatred for her; and socialists, Shariah law advocates, and globalists are elected into office.

Meanwhile, the Church has quietly accepted its lot with muzzles and masks as the World Economic Forum brazenly advances the Great Reset aimed at bringing America into a New World Order and one-world government.

Pray America Great is a major wake-up call. In it, Author Donica Hudson reveals where all the chaos comes from and offers a prayer strategy from heaven that will restore the ancient foundations of America.

During this broadcast, Donica will discuss:

  • The truth about our U.S. Constitution the enemy hopes you never discover
  • Why politics alone don’t work, but prayer does
  • Four hot-button issues of prayer that will save America from judgment
  • Four laws that have rendered the American Church impotent
  • How to join the hidden Prayer Force of Heaven and turn America back to God

What if God chose to fool the people to save America, much like He did with the immaculate conception of the world’s Savior and His birth in a barn? What if U.S. President Donald Trump was used by God to thwart the rise of the Antichrist? Can we know for sure?

For those who are stirred to take action but don’t know what to do, Pray America Great gives you a plan straight from Heaven that will catapult you into your destiny as a prayer warrior and a patriot.

Action steps:

  • Refer family and friends to watch the replay
  • Refer your pastor and church leadership to watch the replay
  • Read the Pray America Great: Joining the Prayer Force of Heaven  book by Donica Hudson
  • Meet in-person with other intercessors in your community to pray the prayers in this book together
  • Visit donicahudson.com to learn more about Donica and what she is doing
  • Visit firstlanding777.com to learn more about the “Declaration of Covenant: A Rededication of America to God” event that took place on April 26, 2023.
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