The Smarter Science of Slim

18 Jan

Title: The Smarter Science of Slim
Host: Dr. Joseph Peck
Guest Expert: Jonathan Bailor
Panelists: Marlee Huber
Date: Wednesday, January 18, 2012
Duration: 75 minutes

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Jonathan Bailor spent the past decade collaborating with top doctors and researchers to analyze more than 10,000 pages of academic research related to diet, exercise and weight loss. The end result is this very straightforward, simple and easy-to-read book, where Bailor bridges the gap between the academic world and the everyday world to dispel the myths, lies, and corporate sales hype that have fueled the current obesity epidemic.

The Smarter Science of SlimMore than any other author in this new century, Bailor has separated scientific fact from weight loss fiction… to deliver a proven, permanent and easy-to-implement fat loss solution. Based on clinically proven research… not trendy opinions… Bailor uses biology and common sense to bring reason to the topic of diet, exercise, and weight loss.

Science is not a matter of opinion; science is a matter of fact. Biology is not a matter of opinion; biology is a matter of fact. And fat loss is not a matter of opinion; fat loss is a matter of fact.

The facts of fat loss are truly amazing. Did you know calorie quantity – the number of calories you take in and the number of calories you burn off – is absolutely not the key?

Before now these facts of fat loss were buried in obscure academic textbooks and research articles. Did you know researchers at Harvard looked at nearly 70,000 women and found that women who ate the most actually had the least body fat?

Jonathan looks forward to teaching you The Smarter Science of Slim on this life-changing, world-changing webinar!

Some of the questions Jonathan will answer during this webinar include:

  1. What is “The Smarter Science of Slim?”
  2. How much research did you do and how long did it take?
  3. What did you discover from your research?
  4. What are some common myths that you found in the diet and exercise arena?
  5. What does this mean for people who are trying to improve their health – either by losing weight or becoming more fit?
  6. How can people eat more and lose weight?
  7. How can people exercise less and become more fit?
  8. What is the philosophy of SANE foods and inSANE foods?
  9. What is the role of hormones? How do they affect your set-point weight?
  10. How does your philosophy differ from other lifestyle plans that are popular?
  11. How long does it take for people to see results?
  12. What is some of the feedback you are getting from people who read the book and try the lifestyle?
  13. 13. How can people obtain a copy of the book?

The Smarter Science of Slim

Blessings to learn, apply, and share these lessons of The Smarter Science of Slim in your sphere of influence!

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