The Spirit of Divine Interception

26 Apr

The Spirit of Divine Interception

Title: The Spirit of Divine Interception
Presenter: Dr. Francis Myles
Facilitators: Holy Spirit, Dr. Joseph Peck
Panelists: Dr. Bruce Cook, Carrie C. Stone
Date: Thursday April 29, 2010
Duration: 90 minutes

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Get ready for an explosion in the Kingdom of God. If you want to break the cycle of living in trauma and then waiting for God to deliver you, and instead move into a life of quiet victory and peace, then this webinar is for you.

Dr. Myles is releasing a new book titled “The Spirit of Divine Interception” and for the first time ever will be sharing his revelations via webinar. He is Founder and Chairman of Kingdom Marketplace Coalition LLC, Virtual Kingdom Boardroom LLC, Kingdom Marketplace, University LLC, and Get your Groove on TV & Radio LLC. He is also Senior Pastor of Breakthrough City Kingdom Embassy.

Dr. Bruce Cook, our other special expert, is an apostolic leader and Kingdom builder. Among other things, he is the founder and convener of the Kingdom Economic Yearly Summit (K.E.Y.S.).

Have you ever uttered these words: “I wish I had listened to my wife,” “I wish I had listened to my gut-feeling,” “I wish I had cashed out my stock options before the company went belly-up” or “Something in my heart told me not to do business or get in the car with him, but I failed to listen.”

Strategic and valuable business and personal relationships have suffered greatly behind many of these very common but painful expressions. Their universality and the spiritual, emotional and financial damage that they infer into the human experience betray a more sinister and diabolical conspiracy against God’s inherent desire to see His eternal goodness mirrored in the human experience, both locally and globally.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11

In view of God’s inherent desire and expressed will to give all humanity a life of fulfilled dreams and realized hopes it behooves us to investigate the cause behind much of the suffering and loss that plagues the human experience. Many of these expressions of regret that we have alluded to demand further investigation into these common, but disastrous experiences with forensic aptitude. This webinar is an investigation into this spiritual phenomenon.

At the heart of all informed spiritual or scientific research is a body of questions that fuel the whole investigation. In the spirit of informed investigation, this webinar will seek to answer the following questions…

  • Why are these questions of regret universal and common to the human experience?
  • Is there a diabolical and calculated conspiracy behind many of the tears of regret that are common to the human experience?
  • If God is good and all powerful, why does He allow the evil and pain of regret to be visited upon innocent people?
  • Why do most people blame God for the pain in their lives that is a direct consequence of their actions?
  • Why are these stories of disaster concentrated in the Marketplace?
  • Is there a “fail-proof” technology for “intercepting” much of the evil that is visited upon humans before it actually happens?

According to King Solomon, “TIME” is the instrument that God uses to measure out and execute His eternal purpose for His creation. Time and purpose are completely inseparable. You cannot waste one without wasting the other. When God’s people or Kingdom entrepreneurs waste “TIME” in meaningless relationships or unfruitful business deals they are also wasting away their “PURPOSE.” This is why Kingdom citizens must strive to understand and cooperate with this ancient spiritual technology of interception, so that they can “REDEEM” both their time and their purpose.

“I believe Divine Interception is not only preemptive, but it’s pre-eminent in the fact that it’s one of the most important technologies that the Holy Spirit gives us. And for all those who are listening tonight, particularly in the marketplace, this one webinar, if you get what is being taught and shared here, will save you millions if not hundreds of millions of dollars in business.” – Dr. Bruck Cook


Blessings to understand and apply the law of Divine Interception!

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