Lisa Rae Preston, Relationship Marketer Extraordinaire

Title: Lisa Rae Preston, Relationship Marketer Extraordinaire
Series: The Story Behind The Story
Speaker: Lisa Rae Preston
Panelists: Dr. Joseph Peck, Dr. Bruce Cook
Date: Thursday, January 19, 2012
Duration: 105 minutes

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You are invited to hear Lisa Rae Preston‘s amazing life story of overcoming and in the process learn from a true THOUGHT LEADER in the realm of Relationship Marketing.

In addition to being the editor for Marnie Pehrson’s best-selling book “Trust Your Heart: Transform Your Ideas Into Income,” she is the creator of “Step Into Destiny,” “Instant Niche Emails,” and “Think for Success.”

During this free life-changing webinar about Relationship Marketing, Lisa talked about …

  1. The Story behind how she got interested in relationship marketing (very powerful and unusual moment in her life)
  2. Importance of relationship marketing
  3. Knowing your Personal Connecting Style/Type
  4. Importance of being yourself in your emails, webcopy
  5. Know your market’s Core Connection Type
  6. Using the Five Love Languages in Your Marketing
  7. “Marketing” Relationally

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Lisa, an ex-school teacher now turned online entrepreneur, is the author of best-selling software Instant Niche Emails and the STEP into Destiny Passion Test as well as numerous other niche info-products. Known best as a “Relationship Marketer”, Lisa focuses on helping others establish a trusting connection online with their clients and potential customers.

Lisa Rae’s background in personality theory and neuroscience research gives her a unique perspective on creating and maintaining thriving client relationships. She focuses on the personality of each niche market with which she works, and specializes in building trusting relationships amid th “uncertainty and skepticism” of cyberspace.

Lisa Rae now keeps busy speaking, writing, and coaching clients in building businesses around their passions.

To sum this all up, let me say that Lisa Rae is one of the most extraordinary Relationship Marketers I know and now she wants to help you breakthrough with your dreams and destiny.

Blessings to step into your destiny and manifest your dreams!

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