Releasing the Sound of Jubilee

16 Feb

Title: Releasing the Sound of Jubilee
Speaker: James Nesbit
Host: Joseph Peck, M.D.
Panelists: Jamie Fitt, Jonathan Fitt
Date/Time: Tuesday, February 16, 2056 at 4 pm EST (New York)
Duration: 102 minutes

Description: We have entered the fulness of time, and the greatest awakening the earth has ever known. “For [even the whole] creation [all nature] waits eagerly for the children of God to be revealed.” (Romans 8:19). The moment all creation has awaited has arrived!



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Blessings to release the sound of Jubilee!

Joseph PeckJoseph

Joseph Peck, M.D.
The Time Doctor
Empowering Dreams
Author, I Was Busy Now I’m Not

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2 Responses to “Releasing the Sound of Jubilee”

  1. Desiree Berntein February 23, 2016 at 1:29 am #

    Glorious! FIRE … FIRE AND MORE FIRE!!!
    Keep coming Holy Spirit!

  2. catherine marchildon February 25, 2016 at 7:18 pm #

    thankyou honour everyone of you, I heard this sound through the hockey yesterday twice it was errie then went throught notes brough tme to the sounds being released into the earth last,year all over.. Thankyou for the release in Canada, our colours sre red and blood light honor to glory thnakyou i wrote some things yestterday to a friend realised i want on her sight but native people wisdom seekers group. some of my testimony dreams and viosn seeking understanding . met a fellow seeker and her directed to bible and the imrpressons iwas changed evethying is a propphetic moment in day to day a therapeutic moment, evething makes i now understand all thoose visionopen awake in my mind layed on the floor in my dreas impressions feeling hearing seeig feeling everything. now I understand my assignment much brings great strenth to contine carry one thankyou bless. long story short I was at work ran into I belive some prinaplity Said Ive got you now my pretty, that was over 7 years ago, I saw this impresson on the floor had a dlood floors damaged eveything stilll under constructon so the impression from water damage been there a year I finally noticed everytimg I went the bathroom where I seem to hear very clearly, it looked just like that witch prinicipalty demon, then everyday it changed with I saw bears eles wolfs lions so onthen after reading these three scriptures I the whole impresssion change to a lamb, when I was reading those scriptures given to me to read. I came and said I a;ways see the glory light around words, this time evrytime I hit the page evetyhinh differnt light but I knew it was a good light. I always believed canada would take a lead in semething big. Ive had the heart of aboriginal people since little girl stilll need to learn my father blood line another story, however mmy picture for anything online is a lion I calli from the tribe of Judah lion armour is gold, then I can chage my phone over and all icons turn to weapons, ive had so many wound wounded warrior but know everyplace is a testimony a ministry a place of authority head to toe. current project enterd Milton memorial arena in draft hockeyville I put a prayer on mayor page in milton on Canada. part of nomination is facebook 250 hits votes atw in march. my picture in front to release this prayer is a lion in background a a woman with a bow and arrow. represents to me the Lord tribe of Judah weapons of warfare precison intential to hit the mark the target get one shot she reminds me of Cat fronm the hunger games my nickname is cat. my unregisted trademark on artwork or cards is CATMARK crown over it. i use seven intentionally in my gmail want to add 777 to trade see if get registered. so much is ocming together in the people ive met or been invovled with to understand too release the light to break the trauma in the bloodlines break the chains to hear the sound each person represent s that blood line. then came to few minutes abuse sexxual abuse slavery etc chruch preists, sports coaches families the fathers all institutions everything ive had to overcome in life. I found two keysover six months ago two olkld skelton keys. recently heard I was an unlocker the Lord spoke I have given you the keys to the kingdom. recently people had to watch their get their keys didnt know who else to trust. Years back maybe 20 yrs agothe showed me how the abuse went back like a conveyer belt generations every drem and vsion has all made sense nowspanning 20 yrs thankyou I noticed my prayer life change its been about releasing. eveything has spoke to me brotherly city of Phiedlphia to two books on locks and leprosy when the lock turn look out and to wipe leprosy off the face of this earth and when we are revealved it will be jaw dropping. back to the arena it dawned the sports arena back in the day thrown into the lions i wripped a page out of this book dont ever do that kept it by my bed side picture and words scripture My own God sent and angel and shut the mmouths of the lions DAniel 6 22. i ws called out many years at a conference three people there were over 2000 people and only htree os showed we knew compared to daniel the weeping prophet kept the tape i belong to the church the toronto blessing TACF at that time kept the tape the prophet who released he said when your dreams and visons get closer and stronger call me. I think im getting close to that time have to find the tape call him see what happens who knows The Lord may give me favour and influence in this arena, maybe we ein maybe we dont but I reached that destination and the process carried. maybe I just had to pray that release its was of the seven mountains of influence yet all incluences are in that mountain hence my two open visions back to back right after I got married my whole kitchchen disappeared, first one I was at a great mountain saw the path I had to walk to attain that wholeness, the path winded up the mountain. then it went to these big lions and I was a cub I had to push [past these great lions push through the people bring down leadeship. everybattle has been regarding leadership issues people in place of trust and influence never really understanding till now. my God whats ahead? seek and knock welll I did Ive gain here today thankyou you brought it all together, the othervsion open whole sky disappears, sittking out back my house i loved, by the way on leaving my 13yr at that house all the apple dreas doid not bloom that year in winter every winter one out of the three a[[le trees had bright red apples truly amzing now im connecting to your three trees anyways back sow its about 6am beautiful sunshiny day sitting on back porch starihaving coffee letting dog out. Oh I built a deck out back I dedicated to God I built himm a sanctuary. so next thing you Archangel Michael an dGabriel appear in front of me tell me we all born with guardian angels and then i saw host of angels warring angels fleets upon fleets wish I had proper words cant even begin to convey how, manynow im understanding all the lung collapse vital organs failing be removed infections in body bleedd over therrr now open wounds, now emtional wounds coming out in the pphysical attacks from the enemy God is the air I brath lead to this native sight my blood cry out for them for my family line inheartance geneology lost everything been stripped bare seven yrs tsunami of attacks most unsual usual whats bizzare but what most bizzare is the amount of continuous balttles attacks you name death sentnce life sentences courts turned in my favour lost everything something I dint do but somehow kept my peace though it never condemned that person. the Lord showed satan in heaven testing like wheat the man on earth for demise he showed my futture he sustained me God knows how so many times I just wanted to, very much unlike me but just tired from batttle laid down now getting back up thank you thank you thankyou I bless and honoour all of you who you are then what you do blessings and I release sunny skies through over under every grey sky, continue to be blessed to bless this earth doing what your doing continue to worship and pray and release and convey thank for ggivng me my marching orders your covered in prayer in the blood in the glory truth light justice whole in one one for all alll for one one reaches many nmany reaach one keep the channel open and flowing,MORE GLORY TRANSFORMATIONAL GLORY IN EVERY MOUNTAIN OF INFLUENCE AND BLOODLINE, YOU ARE HEARD THIS DAY WE CARRY SO MUCH IN THE NAME WE HAVE BEEN NAMED WE EACH HAVE A SCRIPTURE FOR OUR DNA AND A SONG IPRAY EVERYONE GETS TO HEAR THE SONG LOOK UP THE MEANIGN OF YOUR NAME PRAY FOR THAT SCRIPTURE TO MEET UP WITH YOU AND LERN O OF YOUR ANGEL OR ANGELS BLESSING BLESSING BLESSING HONOUR AND GLORY TRUTH AND JUSTICE FREEMDOM I RECIEVE THIS DAY ANND EVERYDAY UNTIL MY END TO MY BROTHERS AND SISITERS IN THE FAITH STAY AT POST CARRY OUT YOUR ORDERS STAND

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