Mastering the Art of Reading People

As a leader, you well know that when we don’t understand personalities we can mislabel, pre-judge and misinterpret people. Sometimes, what gets mislabeled as drama or conflict is simply a personality difference? Have you mastered the understanding of how God wired people in their personalities? Are you ready to not only understand those differences but also celebrate them? Can you imagine the impact you could deliver by teaching others this same skill?

Why bad things happen to good people

This webinar is for people who are navigating a difficult time in life. If you have relationship problems, work problems, health and wellness problems, financial problems and feel like your life is a mess – there is a MESSAGE in your mess you need to hear about – sign up for free to learn more! Discover in this web class how to discover the larger story of your life!

Unity with First Nations

Every nation has indigenous people who first lived there. Unfortunately, most of these people groups were oppressed and persecuted. God instructs us to honor those who have first rights to the land. When this is not done, a bad harvest comes to countries who oppressed the first nations. Much of the travesty the world is experiencing can be traced back to the oppression of the indigenous peoples of the lands.

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