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01 Jul

Everyone has a life story to share!

All these things Jesus spoke to the multitude in parables; and without a parable He did not speak to them, (Matthew 13:34)

When was the last time you shared your life story?
What have been the most significant things that have happened in your life?

People love stories – especially stories of changed lives! That’s why I frequently share stories about how God is working around me and through me. Sharing my failures and struggles as well as my successes help make my stories authentic. Being real allows other people to open up and be authentic themselves. As a coach, it’s important to go first.

A. L. Williams, the billionaire who rescued Liberty University from financial ruin about 15 years ago, says that whenever he met with a prospect the first time, he never, ever, tried to make a sale. Rather, he shared his heart, hoping to capture the other person’s heart.

I’m in week #5 of my Accelerated Coach Training course. During our last group conference call on June 28, Scott Wozniak talked about the value in writing our life story in a one minute version, a three minute version, and a 7-10 minute version. Then depending on the circumstance, we will be prepared to share our story.

Yesterday afternoon I went for a 37 mile bike ride with Julia (my wife), Jane Dodson, and Cathy Lee. During our bike ride, Cathy told me she recently read my life story online. She said she appreciated reading a story that was “real.” Cathy told me sharing my story will change other people’s lives when they identify with the story.

Today is the first day of my second year writing these devotionals. Lots of neat things are on the horizon to bless you. For example, in the next few weeks, I plan to start weekly webinars (online meetings) in partnership with other Christian leaders. The webinars will cover a variety of topics to bless your family, your finances, and your city. I also hope to begin audio and video emails in the near future.

Prayer Power
Heavenly Father, thank You for the Bible, the greatest love story ever written. Thank You that my life story includes receiving Jesus as my LORD and Savior. Thank You for the abundant life I now enjoy with Him. Bless each reader to know You and the power of Your love. Thank You Jesus. Amen.

Link of the Day
Life Before Jesus – No Focus or Purpose (my testimony)

Blessings to know Jesus and to share what He has done for You!

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