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Title: If You Dare To Care Then Share
Description: Q&A Session (FREE Webinar) For 8-Week Web 2.0 Course
Course title: Establish A Powerful Online Presence
Date/Time: Tuesday September 15, 2009, Noon EST and again at 8 pm EST
Hosts: Dr. Randy Peck, Dr. Jerry Graham
Guest Panelists: Karen Hannon, Bob Sims, Renato Amato

If you dare to care, then share !
If you share, pay heed !!
God will reward every good deed !!!

Those are the lyrics to a poem written by Hugh Traulsen in the 1980’s titled “Caring / Sharing.” He dedicated that poem to his wife Ann after she died from a rare form of lung cancer in 2007.

I first got connected to Hugh on July 4, 2009, FREEDOM day in America when we celebrate the birth of our nation. On that historic morning, I discovered the most profound voice message of my life from Hugh. Hugh’s message led me to promptly call him and God immediately connected our hearts.

Even though Hugh has very little money and is disabled, he has turned out to be one of my greatest blessings of 2009. Through Hugh, I got connected to Karen Hannon.

Karen opened the door for me to do two live seminars in Glen Allen (Richmond) Virginia on Sept 1 titled “Establish A Powerful Online Presence.” The purpose is to inspire people to share their stories, products, and services with the world. That’s my God-given gift – CONNECTING.

Karen was the very first person to sign up for our 8-week online Web 2.0 course that starts tonight called “Establish A Powerful Online Presence.” And she is bringing along with her a herd of followers.

Today at Noon EST and again at 8 pm EST, Dr. Jerry Graham and I are hosting a free live Q&A session (webinar) to answers questions about the 8-week course. We have 3 guests on our call, including Karen Hannon (Richmond, VA), Bob Sims (Austin, TX), and Renato Amato (Italy).

CLICK HERE to reserve your seat for this life-changing webinar at 8 pm EST.

This Q&A session and the Web 2.0 Course are for YOU if…

1) you are tired of being the best kept secret in your field
2) you are looking for a way to get your message out BIG
3) you want to use your expertise to make GREAT MONEY
4) you want to sell without being salesy
5) you are done thinking about going big and are ready to TAKE ACTION!

Web 2.0+++ is at least 100x more powerful than Web 1.0 (a traditional website). What this means for you is every hour you spend using Web 2.0 strategically is equivalent to at least 100 hours you spend with traditional marketing. And every dollar you spend on Web 2.0 equates to at least $100 for traditional marketing.

Share the wealth by inviting your friends and followers to the free Q&A session. Even if you are not available, by registering you will receive free access to our recorded audio.

Blessings to dare to care and share your stories with the world!