Outstanding! 47 Ways To Make Your Organization Exceptional

02 Feb

Outstanding! 47 Ways To Make Your Organization ExceptionalTitle: Outstanding! 47 Ways To Make Your Organization Exceptional
Hosts: Randy Peck, M.D., Robert Peck
Guest Panelist: John G. Miller
Date: Thursday February 4, 2010
Time: 8 pm EST, 5 pm PST
Cost: Free webinar

Watch published “Outstanding!” webinar VIDEO

Create an outstanding organization now!

John Miller believes that Outstanding! will do for organizations what QBQ! and Flipping the Switch have done for individuals.

Outstanding! is all about 47 ways to be so exceptional that we draw the market to us rather than push it away. This book is for corporations, nonprofits, churches, schools, and government groups.

Stand behind your staff * Don’t stagnate: Turnover can be a good thing * Make meetings meaningful * Listen in all directions * Forgive mistakes * Coach moment-to-moment * Make no excuses * Don’t speak in code * fight the fat – in good times and bad * Do what you promise

John G. Miller, a Cornell University graduate and founder of QBQ, Inc., has worked with hundreds of Fortune 500 companies and governmental and nongovernmental organizations and thousands of individuals to help them make personal accountability a core value – and become outstanding. Miller, who has appeared on national television and radio, is the author of the bestselling “QBQ! The Question Behind The Question” and Flipping The Switch: Five Keys to Success at Work and in Life.” He lives in Denver with his wife, Karen. They have seven children.

John writes, “The 47 ideas and principles that distinguish outstanding organizations are the absolute best ideas and practices I’ve come across, working with hundreds of organizations of all kinds since 1986. Each one stands on its own and is equally worthy of our attention. Some will inspire you, some with challenge you, and some will do both. But you will ultimately decide which of the 47 are critical to your organization – right now.”

Be fast * Train * Be flexible * Put people before policies * Try! Risk! Give! * Hire character * See everyone as a customer * Encourage one another * Never forget who pays the bills * Choose to change * Seek no culprits

Watch published “Outstanding!” webinar VIDEO

Outstanding! 47 Ways To Make Your Organization ExceptionalWhat we will cover …

  • What is Outstanding! all about?
  • What does being outstanding mean to you?
  • Why is being outstanding imperative for both organizations and individuals?
  • What moved you to write Outstanding!?
  • What are some of the problems Outstanding! will solve for organizations?
  • Is Outstanding! an extension of your books, QBQ! and Flipping the Switch?
  • What is in your background and experience that leads you to be an expert in this area?
  • 47 ways to change sounds daunting. Can you advise on how to begin?
  • Every author has a favorite chapter or story. What’s yours?
  • Though written for the organizational world, how can individuals/families use this book to be outstanding?
  • How can CEOs or any high level executive help their staff become outstanding?
  • You’re an expert in the area of personal accountability. How do accountability and being outstanding tie together?
  • Where can people buy Outstanding!?


Watch published “Outstanding!” webinar VIDEO

Blessings to create an outstanding organization now!

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8 Responses to “Outstanding! 47 Ways To Make Your Organization Exceptional”

  1. Shelley Grieser February 4, 2010 at 1:44 pm #

    Hi Randy!
    I am really looking forward to your webinar with John Miller tonight. Jerry Graham is the one who introduced me to the “QBQ” – what an awesome book. I then had to buy/read “Flipping the Switch” another excellent book, very practical, wise and as John states in the interview above, the information is not only applicable to work, but to family, relationships and how we conduct ourselves in every day life.

    I know this will be a fantastic webinar- can’t wait!


    .-= Shelley Grieser´s last blog ..The 10 Commandments for Divorced People =-.

  2. Caren February 6, 2010 at 11:03 am #

    Missed it !!

    • Dr. Randy Peck February 8, 2010 at 5:39 pm #

      Hi Caren,

      Thank you for your interest in the Outstanding! webinar with John G. Miller. That was great with lots of valuable life lessons. I’m sorry about the short notice.

      The recorded webinar can be found at

      Please let your friends and followers know too.

      Blessings to BE Outstanding!

      “Blessed to be a blessing”
      THE CONNECTOR and The Journal Guy

      P.S. It’s neat that your name (Caren) is spelled with a “C” like our daughter. Not many people spell their name that way.

  3. Dr. Randy Peck February 8, 2010 at 5:34 pm #

    Hi Shelley,

    Thank you for taking the time to share your enthusiasm about the Outstanding! webinar and the positive impact that John Miller has had on you.

    John’s book QBQ! had a very positive impact on me.

    The Outstanding! webinar on Feb 4 with John was great. I gleaned many valuable lessons from that. I’m confident that everyone who watches the recorded webinar will do likewise.

    The recorded webinar can be found at



    “Blessed to be a blessing”
    THE CONNECTOR and The Journal Guy

  4. Dr. Randy Peck February 8, 2010 at 5:47 pm #

    Hi John, Thank you for the link from the “QBQ! blog to the Webinars777 site. The lessons you shared during the Outstanding! webinar are so valuable. Blessings, Randy

  5. Dr. Randy Peck February 8, 2010 at 5:46 pm #

    Hi Nancy, Thank you for sharing your prophetic words that you received on the morning following the Outstanding! webinar. Thank you for linking to the Webinars777 blog. Blessings, Randy


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