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Mastering the Art of Reading People

04 Oct

As a leader, you well know that when we don’t understand personalities we can mislabel, pre-judge and misinterpret people. Sometimes, what gets mislabeled as drama or conflict is simply a personality difference? Have you mastered the understanding of how God wired people in their personalities? Are you ready to not only understand those differences but […]

Transitioning from Mediocrity to Excellence

28 Jul

Leadership for the most part is easy to explain, but leadership is not easy to practice. Leadership is about character and behavior first, skills second. Successful leaders are followed chiefly because people trust and respect them, rather than the skills they possess. Come join us for an enlightening time of exploring the different stages of […]

Kingdom Influence and the Power of Social Media

09 Feb

Stevie Knight, social media strategist and Kingdom business owner, is passionate about teaching you to harness the power of social media for the expansion of God’s Kingdom for global evangelism, and for your influence in the marketplace. Come to this 90 minute webinar to learn WHY social media has such great influence and the critical […]

The CEO’s Guide to Managing Business and Legal Risks

08 Feb

You are invited to our webinar titled “The CEO’s Guide to Managing Business and Legal Risks” on Wed Feb 9. This webinar will help CEOs to understand four areas of legal risks that they must manage, and will provide tools for dealing with those risk areas. CEOs will also learn how to use a General […]

LEVERAGE777: A Life of Blessing!

19 Dec

The GLOBAL NEHEMIAH CHALLENGE: God prepared (equipped), called, empowered, and used Nehemiah to be a CATALYST to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem in just 52 days. I believe the Holy Spirit is calling a select group of God’s children to be empowered to become CHANGE AGENTS during the 52 weeks of 2011. The fact that […]

VISIONS777: God’s Vision For Leaders

07 Sep

What is God’s vision for leaders in the next decade? What are the Seven Steps to Societal Transformationis? What is required of a leader of tomorrow? What does true biblical Leadership look like? What are the Challenges of Leadership? What are 7 Kingdom Transitional Changes for Leaders? What is God’s Nature of Agape? Come learn […]

Outstanding! 47 Ways To Make Your Organization Exceptional

02 Feb

Learn how to create an outstanding organization now! Sign up to watch this life-changing webinar with John G. Miller. John, a Cornell University graduate and founder of QBQ, Inc., has worked with hundreds of Fortune 500 companies and governmental and nongovernmental organizations and thousands of individuals to help them make personal accountability a core value […]