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Is Your Website Legal?

17 Jan

By now, you realize I’m really interested in helping you succeed in life and on the web. And that’s why I try to provide you with the best advice and marketing services and products that I come across. But there’s more to success than merely having a winning marketing program. Now, it’s extremely important that […]

Special webinar and training – HOW TO CREATE A BIG-TICKET COACHING CASH COW!

29 Oct

I was prompted today to let you know about a special opportunity that will be disappearing very soon. I don’t earn a dime for referring you, so this is intended strictly to bless you. This morning I received an email from Jeff Herring titled “[FREE Online Workshop] – How to sell $110K of Coaching Services […]

What was Albert Einstein’s greatest discovery?

04 Oct

Some sources claim that Albert Einstein said the greatest discovery was the the power of compound interest. Regardless of the source, compound interest is powerful. It can either work for you (savings) or against you (debt). To see the power of compound interest, let’s assume you make a one-time investment of $10,000 in something that […]

Trust Your Heart: Transform Your Ideas into Income

24 May

Marnie Pehrson is a best-selling author, speaker and online publicist who helps spiritually-minded entrepreneurs find their place in the world and deliver their messages online. She is the creator of the longest running content directory, IdeaMarketers.com, where you can promote your articles, press releases, information products, videos, audios and expertise. Marnie is also a wife […]

How To Set Up Your Own Blog

01 Mar

If you’re available and interested, I’d like to invite you to today’s live webinar “How To Set Up Your Own Blog.” In case you don’t know, a blog is a turbocharged website. I frequently say it’s “10-10-10” – 10x cheaper than a traditional website to set up, 10x cheaper to maintain, and at least 10x […]

The Story Behind The Story: Today God Is First

27 Feb

Os Hillman is the author of 12 books and the founder of Marketplace Leaders, an organization providing a full range of products and services to equip you to “co-labor with Christ” to see the transformation of your workplace, city, and nation for Him. Os’ devotional called TGIF® Today God Is First, currently is sent to […]

Kingdom Influence and the Power of Social Media

09 Feb

Stevie Knight, social media strategist and Kingdom business owner, is passionate about teaching you to harness the power of social media for the expansion of God’s Kingdom for global evangelism, and for your influence in the marketplace. Come to this 90 minute webinar to learn WHY social media has such great influence and the critical […]

The CEO’s Guide to Managing Business and Legal Risks

08 Feb

You are invited to our webinar titled “The CEO’s Guide to Managing Business and Legal Risks” on Wed Feb 9. This webinar will help CEOs to understand four areas of legal risks that they must manage, and will provide tools for dealing with those risk areas. CEOs will also learn how to use a General […]