The Impact Manifesto

23 Jan

Ken McArthur’s Impact Manifesto: Like it or not – You make a difference!

Title: The Impact Manifesto
Speaker: Ken McArthur
Panelist: Lisa Rae Preston (Relationship Marketer Extraordinaire)
Host: Joseph Peck, M.D.
Date: January 24, 2012
Duration: 65 minutes


Learning objectives

  • Know the story behind the story behind Ken McArthur’s many achievements
  • Understand why Ken was led to write his book “IMPACT: How to Get Noticed, Motivate Millions and Make a Difference in a Noisy World”
  • Understand how you can make a bigger difference in a noisy world



We welcome you to watch this exciting webinar with Ken McArthur, a best-selling author, internet marketing expert, marketing event producer and creator of IMPACT.

According to John Di Lemme, international motivational speaker and million dollar internet marketer, “Ken McArthur is the #1 internet genius out there today: Bar-none! His expertise in joint ventures and mastering the Internet is absolutely by far, second to none.”

Ken McArthur and the Impact Manifesto“To say Ken McArthur is brilliant is an understatement! He is an amazing businessman who knows how to make things happen! He also has a commodity that is all too rare in the business world…he is a good man with a heart of gold.” – Jack M. Zufelt ~ “Mentor to Millions”, Author of the #1 best seller THE DNA OF SUCCESS

Ken says, “Like it or not … You make a difference!”

  • You make a difference, whether you want to or not.
  • If you do nothing things get worse, so take positive actions to make things better.
  • Build up instead of tearing down, because your smallest actions have the greatest impact,
  • Your mindsets, knowledge and skills combine with the actions you complete to make a difference.
  • Leverage the art, science, technology, strategies and tactics of creating massive impact for remarkable results.
  • Your mind, body and spirit must be at their best to create maximum impact.
  • You can do so much more working with others than you can alone.
  • Build long-term relationships to create long-term impact.
  • Be active in giving communities to sustain you when life is hard and increase your impact to infinity.
  • Your impact WILL grow beyond one life.

“Sometimes the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is smaller than you think.” – Ken McArthur

Blessings to think big and be special!

One Response to “The Impact Manifesto”

  1. Ken McArthur August 29, 2013 at 10:39 am #

    If you really want to get someone to do something, don’t get them to say they will try. Don’t get them to set it as a goal.

    Get them to promise.

    A promise is much more powerful than a goal.

    We expect to fail at our goals based on our past experience. The lizard brain wants to protect us from failure so it automatically sets our expectations to the lowest possible level so we have the highest probability of success.

    You know this is true. Just remember all of those New Year’s goals you set.

    We TRY to lose weight, but based on past experience we know that we will probably gain it back, so we set our expectations for success low. And your lizard brain says it’s okay if you fail. We say we are going to try to lose 40 lbs, but if you don’t make it or you gain it back, you aren’t really surprised.

    On the other hand, experience tells us that we usually deliver on what we promise. Sure, sometimes we fail, but on average if we promise to do something, we usually deliver on the promise.

    If you promise someone you love to lose 10 pounds or you tell everyone in your social networks you promise to do it, your lizard brain sets the expectation high that you will deliver and tells you that failure is not really an option.

    In fact, it will do anything to protect you from the embarrassment of not delivering on that promise — even if you really don’t want to do it.

    Promise me.

    Promise me something, because if you promise this we will fulfill our promise together and impact countless people.

    It’s a simple promise.
    Promise to download and read the Impact Manifesto and get two other people to do the same.

    Not to print it. Not to email it to everyone you have a relationship with. Not to post it on your website. Not to post it on your blog. (Although of course, I’d love to have you do all of those things.)

    This is a much easier promise.
    Just download and read the Impact Manifesto and get two other people to do the same.

    When everyone who reads this simple message fulfills that promise, we break the viral coefficient barrier and the Impact Manifesto reaches millions.

    Because of that simple promise and what you do to fulfill that promise, the world is a much better place.

    One final thing. Put your promise in writing in the comments below and share it with the world. It will help you fulfill your promise and spread the good word that we all make a difference whether we want to or not in the small things that we do today.

    And please, share your success with us when you succeed in fulfilling the promise in the comments below. Just get two people to make it so.

    Thanks so much for impacting so many people in such a powerful way.

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