The Miracle of Ray Boetcher

18 Nov

God owns everything and already has His network built. The key to POWER networking is deep abiding in Him and complete obedience to His voice!

My voice You shall hear in the morning, O LORD; In the morning I will direct it to You, And I will look up. (Psalm 5:3)

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Early in 2006, God gave me two powerful revelations:
1) The Internet is God’s superhighway of communication!
2) A daily prayer email (when done properly) is the number one way to grow your network and build strong relationships.

Let me share a very concrete example. On December 6, I sent the devotional titled “The Spiritual Significance of 400 Years.” The Holy Spirit woke me up at 1:30 AM that morning to download His message. After preparing that devotional, the Holy Spirit sent me to Giles Memorial Hospital in time to replace a different devotional that had previously been scheduled to go out at 5 AM.

Later that same evening (8:10 PM), Ray Boetcher sent me an email reply telling me he enjoyed reading my inspirational messages each day and that he enjoyed my message on the significance of 400 years. I had forgotten that Ray was even on my devotional list.

The first and only time I had met Ray was at the Founder’s Inn in Virginia Beach on August 27-28, 2006 during the Leadership Roundtable, cosponsored by the International Coalition of Workplace Ministries [] and Regent University [].

Ray is the owner of a Christian newspaper in the Virginia Beach area and leads the Christian Business Network there. I learned from Ray’s email that he has a lead role with two monumental events in 2007 – The Assembly 2007 [] in late April 2007 and the Greater Hampton Roads Franklin Graham Festival in May 2007. Until I received Ray’s email I didn’t know anything about those.

Prayer Power
Father, thank You for these daily prayer devotionals and for the hundreds of powerful testimonies and connections that I have received. Thank You for keeping me connected with Ray Boetcher through the devotionals. Thank You for Ray’s deep love for You and for his leadership in the Greater Hampton Roads area. Bless Ray and everything that he stewards. Bless his family, his newspaper, his business network, and the two major upcoming events in 2007. Thank You Jesus. Amen.

Link of the Day
Founders Inn []- benchmark hospitality in Virginia Beach, the only AAA Four Diamond rated hotel in the area of Hampton Roads

Blessings to maximize the use of the Internet, God’s superhighway of communication!

Your Daily Blessing News
Tomorrow I will share Ray’s full email. Then next day (December 20), I will share about The Assembly 2007, when America will be rededicated to Jesus Christ like it was 400 years earlier. Don’t miss these!

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