Unity with First Nations

Every nation has indigenous people who first lived there. Unfortunately, most of these people groups were oppressed and persecuted. God instructs us to honor those who have first rights to the land. When this is not done, a bad harvest comes to countries who oppressed the first nations. Much of the travesty the world is experiencing can be traced back to the oppression of the indigenous peoples of the lands.

I AM Love – from nothing…to all things

Reimar Schultze is a Holocaust survivor. You are invited to hear the amazing story of this powerful man of God full of love, wonder, and joy after surviving unspeakable human tragedy. Reimar says “The Nazis hated us, the British and Americans bombed us, the Russians drove us out of our home, the Danes put us behind barbed wire, and the Jews did not accept us because we were not Jewish enough … and I forgave them all.”

God’s Dream for the Cornerstone Inn

On May 21-23, 2017, 33 people (eagles) gathered at The Cornerstone Inn for The Dream Gathering. Individually and corporately, we experienced an explosion of God’s love. This was a manifestation of a profound open vision that Pam Gould, the owner of the Cornerstone Inn, had in 1988 while sitting on the side of a hospital bed. This also relates to The Third Great Awakening.

Empowering Dreams
Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come