A Time and Place for Everything: 12 Biblical Precepts to Organize Your Home, Habits, and Heart

Do you know there are 12 biblical precepts that will help you redeem the time and reclaim lost territory – physical, emotional and spiritual? These 12 organizational precepts operated in the lives of the men and women in Scripture and were given for our instruction, to offer direction for our thoughts and behaviors.
When we begin looking at our lives and homes through the lens of creating order, and when be begin honoring and living out these 12 precepts, the Lord releases fresh power and freedom to follow him and to walk in the purposes he has for our lives.

When Angels Invaded My Space

Did you know that angels are still being used today? James Goll has received numerous encounters with angels throughout the years in which they have brought messages, guidance and revelation – almost always resulting in significant change. During this training you will learn: a) Various titles given to angels in scripture, b) The nature and characteristics of angels, c) The difference between cherubim and seraphim, d) Categories of angels mentioned in Scripture, and e) The importance of the Angel of the Lord.

28 Days to Freedom

Freedom is something people all over the world aspire to enjoy. It is the freedom to live our lives as our heart desires. As GOD intended us to. But for many we find ourselves shackled in a prison of frustration and despair with no idea where to turn or go because everything we do seems to only lead to more setbacks. For some of us, the dreams we once had where shipwrecked & shattered upon the rocks of what many like to call “reality”. But freedom is possible when you understand the keys to unlock it. Roger Gauthier, Founder & CEO of Tri-Vision Global and creator of the EntrepreneursPitStop.com, is going to share those keys to finally unlock your destiny.

Did God Really Say That?

In learning to hear the voice of God, there is one central question that everyone wants to know, “HOW DO I KNOW IT’S GOD?” Learning to consistently hear from God requires that we apply some important filters. During this training, you will learn: a) The 3 sources of revelation, b) What questions to ask to determine the source of revelation, c) 9 scriptural tests for judging revelation, d) Why prophecy today is not inscripturated or perfect in its delivery, e) How to prove or judge modern revelation against scripture, and f) Why discerning of spirits is so important and how to grow in it.

Empowering Dreams
Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come