God’s Dream for the Cornerstone Inn

On May 21-23, 2017, 33 people (eagles) gathered at The Cornerstone Inn for The Dream Gathering. Individually and corporately, we experienced an explosion of God’s love. This was a manifestation of a profound open vision that Pam Gould, the owner of the Cornerstone Inn, had in 1988 while sitting on the side of a hospital bed. This also relates to The Third Great Awakening.

Lifeforming Ambassador Partnership

Yes we could all continue to pursue our passion and purpose as we have. And maybe that’s all that’s needed to get us to the finish line. But imagine if you could discover the clearest most compelling laser focus of purpose and passion and join in with a host of other leaders, build on it, and add people and resources for combined impact.

The Power of a Parent’s Blessing with Craig Hill

There is a Master Key that all parents possess, but very few actually use to unlock God’s identity and destiny for their children. The actual Hebrew meaning of the word (Baruch = blessing) that describes this key is “to empower to prosper.” So parents who understand and use this key will naturally empower their children to prosper in many areas of life, while parents who don’t understand, or fail to use this key may inadvertently hinder or actually empower their children to fail.

It ALWAYS Starts with the DREAM

If you keep doing in the next five years what you’ve been doing in the last, where will you be in terms of God’s dream and purpose in your life? According to Frederick Buechner, “Purpose is where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”

Empowering Dreams
Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come